Home loan Transfer for Lal Dora Property in Delhi NCR

Few housing finance companies charge extremely high rate of interest for home loan in Lal Dora. With these housing finance companies, you can be paying rate of interest as high as 16% or even more.

Every month hundreds of people do home loan transfer for their Lal Dora Property in Delhi NCR. It is because, they don’t want to pay these high rate of interest and they want to reduce EMI. You too can make huge difference in your life by saving amount that you are paying extra to your bank.

We can give you superb loan transfer options, handpicked from mainstream & largest banks to save your huge money. We take care of choosing top offers, always getting better rates from leading banks. You will get lowest rate of interest from top names in housing finance industry. You will get deals better than anywhere else so you get the saving. With us, your rate of interest can be as low as 8.5%. Be assured, we do everything to maximize your saving and reduce your cost.

For your loan transfer, you will get a dedicated, qualified and experienced manager. Your manager will do complete analysis of your home loan. Our Managers has high experience in helping people like you to make entire home loan transfer simplified, effortless and error proof. Our manager will give you privileged assistance and expert advice. They will arrange for high priority doorstep service for completing documentation.They will assist you and make your loan transfer a pleasant experience.

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Benefits of Home Loan Transfer

A decade ago, reputed banks were not giving home loan in negative areas. Lal Dora, unapproved colonies, and authorized colonies properties constructed without map were kept in this negatives area list.

Few housing finance companies saw it as opportunity. They started lending in these location at very high rate of interest. Their regular rate of lending was as high as 17%. Few of these companies are mentioned below

  • DMI Housing Finance Private Limited
  • Manibhavnam Home Finance India Private Limited
  • New Habitat Housing Finance and Development Limited
  • Prosper Housing Finance Limited
  • Religare Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
  • Saral Home Finance Limited (earlier Vishvkriya home finance)
  • Shriram Housing Finance Limited
  • Shubham Housing Finance
  • Supreme Housing Finance Limited
  • Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited
  • Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Limited

Few housing finance companies / NBFC charged moderate rate of interest, yet their rate of interest is higher than best rates. E.g. Aadhar Housing Finance Limited and Aavas Financiers Limited (Earlier AU Housing Finance Ltd).`

Many of people like you took home loan from these companies. Now you might be paying very high interest on your loan. So despite paying higher EMI on your home loan, principle has not gone down after many years. What you are paying is only interest. It is due to this; with passing time, things are not going to be better.

This is Time to Take Control of Situation

This is time to ensure that your pay off your loan sooner with home loan transfer. We will provide you complete analysis of saving you can make. We will tell you complete, in-depth & informative facts. You will know, untold behind the scenes story along with crucial fundamentals, figures and status you must know.

We can get you a home loan top up with your loan transfer. Because, it is "home top up" so you can enjoy tax benefit on additional amount.

It's like getting a tax benefiting personal loan at so low rate.

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Saving With Home Loan Transfer in Lal Dora

It is important to know how much you can save. The money you save, is an income direct to you. In Lal Dora home loan rate of interest is available as low as 8.5% from PSU / Government institution. Rate of interest from Private institutions starts at 9%.

These rates of interest depending on market goes 1 percent up or down. Now I question you, does it make sense to pay high interest to your banker.

This is time I will reveal fact upon you what this difference of interest means in terms number of years you will pay extra. Or as you understand more easily, money you will pay extra.

Here is example of someone who is paying 14% rate on his / her 20 lakhs home loan. This could be you

New Bank Existing Bank
ROI 10% 14%
EMI 24834/- 24870/-
Repayment Period (Months) 134 240
Period Saved (Months) 106

You can see here, on switching home loan to 4% lower rate, you are paying 44% faster. If difference in rate of interest, is higher, you will repay even faster.

By running your home loan with your existing bank, you are paying 106 months more than your new bank. Consider this EMI 24870/- that you will pay for 106 months. If you continue to pay it usual, you would pay whopping 26,36,220/- extra.

Slowly, yet so big amount for not taking action after knowing facts.

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Charges for Home Loan Transfer in Lal Dora

Data discussed above is indicative data. Because for home loan transfer there are some charges involved. It can be foreclosure charges from your existing bank, processing fee from new bank and our coordination charges. Let's understand more about it

Foreclosure Charges​

As per RBI guidelines, your bank can't take foreclosure charge for home loan transfer. This is applicable on all government and private banks, NBFC and housing finance companies. This rule is applicable on "floating or variable rates of interest home loan"

By giving home loan on fixed rate of interest, bank can take foreclosure charges.  In Lal Dora few companies are giving home loan on fixed rate of interest. They do it to prevent customers to transfer from their high rate home loan. For example, Religare Housing takes 2% + GST i.e. 2.36% foreclosure charges on their fixed rate home loan.

You can check your sanction letter for type of rate of interest on your home loan. If your home loan rate of interest is floating / Variable, you do not have to pay these charges. If your rate of interest is fixed, you will have to pay these charges to existing financer.

Processing Fee

New bank or housing finance company will charge you processing fee. In Lal Dora, processing fee for home loan transfer is between 0.5% to 2% of loan amount. Government or PSU finance company takes lower processing fee. Private housing finance companies takes 1% - 2% processing fee. We choose financial institution based on merit in you case e.g. availability of legal and income documents.

Apart from processing fee, you may have to pay few other charges e.g. legal, valuation, stamp paper and CERSAI charges. Total of these charges are below 6000/-. Moreover, it depends on different finance institution. Few institutions do not take these charges separately and makes it part of processing fee. On the other hand, few institutions take these charges in addition of processing fee.

I suggest you to get in touch with us, to know best offer on your loan transfer. After studying your home loan, we can get you most affordable loan. You will get loan transfer in express fast time with remarkable saving.

Coordination | Advisory Charges​

For home loan transfer in Lal Dora, we take onetime nominal coordination charge. Our coordination charges are fraction of amount you will spend with our competitors. Yet you risk nothing, as you pay these charges on sanction of loan. See below our charges.

  • Private Institution: 2.5% of loan amount (Minimum 30000/-)
  • Government / PSU Institution: 5% of loan amount (Minimum 60000/-)

Remember, our competitors cost twice as much. So why pay extra with our competitors

Make Your Saving Calculations​

Click here to download excel EMI calculator for you to make your calculation. I suggest you to take your new home loan amount including all type of charge. For example, assume you have 20 Lakhs outstanding loan. Say total expense for loan transfer is 80000/-. Then make calculation on 20.8 Lakhs loan amount on reduced rate of interest.

This is fair way to calculate saving on your home loan transfer. It is because, our competitors give you wrong picture of saving you make. While telling you money you can save, they do not disclose money you need to spend.

Real Example of Our Customer

Let me present a live example of my client. He had a running home loan from Aavas Financiers Limited (Earlier AU Housing Finance Ltd).`He owns a 100 Yards, first floor property in Bhagat Colony, Burari, Delhi.

In May 2018 he approached us after paying 17 EMI with Aavas Financiers. He is government employee in ESIC and his chain of property is complete. We found his case, fit for PSU institution, and we were able to offer him ROI of 8.5%. Now I want you to read details of his loan transfer below.

New Bank Existing Bank
Loan Amount 1223000 1148450
ROI 8.5% 13.75%
EMI 14292/- 14285/-
Repayment Period (Months) 132 223
Period Saved (Months) 91

New institution also funded loan protector of 16822/- that is not added in calculation. It is due to; surrender value of insurance premium (~47000/-) funded by previous financier

On insisting, he did calculation for himself. He realized, everything make sense.  By not transferring home loan, he would have paid 12,99,935/- extra to Old Institution.

For what? …..Inaction.

It would really be a crime with your family, if you knowingly pay this extra amount to your bank (for nothing). On the other hand, you can save this money for your family. You can invest it, and see it grow.

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Which Home Loans Can be Transferred to Lower Rate in Lal Dora

You can make massive saving with home loan transfer on "Pacca" built up house or flat with documented income. Apart from these property and income, we can get you better rates and amazing offers. We can get you loan on all property types from mainstream institutions. These top names in mortgage business give you excellent and exceptional saving in your home loans transfer. Check below summery of property and income type for loan transfer

No Income Proof / Liquid Income

We can conveniently get you cost effective home loan transfer without income proof. You can get significant saving compared to your current home loan. Click to read more about no income proof home loan transfer.

Bad CIBIL / Low CIBIL Score

Your housing finance institution charged you high rate due to your credit history. If you have been running your home loan with regular payment, we can arrange for your loan transfer at lower rates. We will get your loan from largest and leading institution that will give you superb saving.

If you have documented income and complete legal chain on property, we can get your loan transferred to Government institution. In Government housing finance institution rate of interest starts at 8.5%.

Imperfect or Incomplete Legal Chain

We have coordination from top name in mortgage industry. Many of these have internal approval process for many legal deviations. Based on merit in your case, we can arrange home loan transfer for you. We can get you amazing offer, on these property for mega saving. Click here to read more about imperfect legal chain.

Construction Loan

You may have taken construction loan from existing financier on high rate. It is due to; many Government and private institution do not lend on without map construction.

Since you have completed construction on your property, we have very profitable options for your loan transfer. These offers come with reduced rates and significant saving. Be assured of deal better than our competitors.

Narrow Road

Most of financial institution do not give loan with road width below 10-12 feet's. Due to this, your financial intuition is charging very high rate of interest. It can be up to 17%.

But we can help you reduce home loan rate on such property. We have coordinated home loan for even 4 feet's Gali. Rate of interest on such property may not be very low, yet you will still make substantial saving with loan transfer.

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Lol Dora Home Loan Transfer to PSU / Government Bank

PSU or government housing finance institute offers lowest rate of interest in Lal Dora. Their starting rate is 8.5%. This is fairly low compared to private financial institution.

For home loan transfer in Lal Dora through PSU institution, 2 things are must.

First is income proof. They work only on documented income. For home loan, they do not consider improper income proof e.g. cash salary, liquid income, job breaks etc. For home loan through government finance institution you must have continued employment with documented income.

Second thing is, complete legal chain. For home loan, PSU institution goes by legal report of their own panel advocate. They do not have internal approval system.

With them, some degree of bad CIBIL can be considered. We have done home loan cases for CIBIL score as low as 600 from government intuition.

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Lol Dora Home Loan Transfer to Private Housing Finance Company / NBFC

For home loan transfer in Lal Dora property rate of interest from private finance companies starts from 9%. To be able to offer you this rate, your income and legal papers should be complete.

Apart from standard income and legal documents, you can easily get home loan transfer to private institution. They are flexible with various kind of income type and taking call on legal documents.

Home Loan Transfer Without Income Proof

Due to non availability of complete income proof, your housing finance company can charge high rate of interest. Many private housing finance companies can offer lower rate on different income scheme. Following home loans comes under no income proof or liquid income scheme

  • Cash Salary
  • No ITR Business
  • ITR below actual income
  • Cash Rent
  • Liquid Income

For cash income / NO ITR and cash rent generally banks gives maximum 20 Lakhs loan. This amount can be more with additional supporting income.

On liquid income cases (ITR below actual income) bank can give loan up to 3 Crores. They can go for even more loan amount, based on your repayment capacity.

In all such cases banks credit staff will visit your work place. They will assess your income. On satisfactory income assessment, you can easily get home loan transfer at lower rate of interest.

Transfer Home Loan with Incomplete Legal Chain

You may have taken home loan from existing bank due to incomplete legal chain. Now you are locked up with your bank for paying high interest on your home loan. But We can get you exclusive lower rate of interest on following loan case

  • Seller had General Power of Attorney (GPA)
  • Sale deed from Khatoni /  Farmer (Kisaan)
  • Sale deed from Lal Dora Certificate
  • Some legal chain missing (With discussion)

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