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About Us

I am Ravinder Bhutani, Founder of Joy Loan

In March 2012, I started Joy Loan after 11 years of experience in the financial sector.

In mid-2011, I came in touch with my first job’s colleagues and friends, Naveen Prashar and Manzar Imam. Both are running their mortgage businesses in different parts of Delhi NCR. They were influential for me to start a mortgage business.

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Who Are We

Here in Joy Loan, we are a small team of professionals who are experienced in helping people like you.

We can serve you in a home loan, loan against property and all commercial loans. For retail loans, we serve Delhi and NCR. Yet for High-value cases, we can serve you in entire North India or more depending on the merit of your case.

What We Do

Since starting, it was my choice to build a customer-centric business, not bank-centric. To get you the right solution, we are expending our network of financial institutions.

It is because of our wide network, you can get a loan on many challenging property and income types through us. We have handled, many loan cases otherwise considered difficult.

For home loan and loan against property, you can get the loans on a wide variety of properties. These include without a map, Lal Dora and Unapproved location (with sale deed). Apart from this, you can also get a loan on the property with other challenges.

For commercial loans, we serve a complete spectrum of loans for your needs. With us, you can get a loan for educational institutions, hospitals, hotels. We also help in project loans for the manufacturing and service sectors.

You can get your loan based on different incomes and assessment methods. We can get you a loan without income proof (liquid income assessment). You can get a loan against property and commercial loans, base on turnover. Future or projected income along with other merits can help you secure a loan too.

Why We Are Different

We are an independent loan coordinator. So, we don’t work for a specific bank, but we work for you. Before we choose a financial institute for you we do an in-depth analysis. We check your income profile and mortgage available. We have been helping people like you to make your loan simple.

We work with a wide range of mainstream financial institutions. We get you a perfect solution for your need from the top names in the financial business. We help you get all the benefits you deserve.

You get a low interest rate on your loan, so you make a significant saving. We get you the cheapest loan, better than our competitors can offer. When you choose us, we assure you massive money-saving, profit-generating loan deal.

Our distinguished high-speed service helps you get a quick loan for your needs. To save your time, our doorstep service is available to you in the entire Delhi NCR.

Since we provide a solution to many non-standard cases. We take a one-time loan coordination charge that is a fraction of the cost for these cases. Yet you risk nothing, as pay only on the sanction of loan. I must tell you, our competitors may charge you double or more compared to our small charges.

Why Choose Us

We are an independent loan consultant. Because of this, we do an unbiased, in-depth analysis of your profile and need.

We get you loan from mainstream, largest and leading financial institution. We get you excellent offer and better than our competitor’s rates. A loan through us gives massive savings in your EMI.

With our efficient team, you get comprehensive and continued support in your loan. We are local, professional and experienced in helping people like you.

Our team gives you free and express fast doorstep service anywhere in Delhi NCR. For trouble-free and effortless quick loan, I recommend you to send your details right now.

Fun Facts About Me

I was born on 25th July 1978 in Palwal, that time part of Gurugram. I am living in Faridabad since I can remember.

I got married to Swati on 24th March 2010. We got blessed with a son on 30th November 2011. No guessing! His name is Joy.

I and Joy like horror movies, which Swati is afraid of. On TV I love watching infotainment channels. Generally, I do not get a remote between cartoons and daily soap. Yet, I have watched every Man vs. Wild.

I love nature photography. As a child, I used to make every cutting of nature photos from the newspaper. I do phone photography when I see some good scenes or objects. Here are a few shots from mobile

For a few days, I am attempting 5K running with C25K. I cannot stop laughing when I hear Joy say ”Hawa Nikal Gui”. Yet he puts best efforts for his age

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