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Commercial real estate is used for business purposes. Examples include shops, showroom, office premises, retail malls, shopping centres, restaurants, and hotels.

Key highlight

Loan Purpose: Purchasing shops, offices, commercial plots, finance construction, renovation, and expansion.

Property Use: For self-occupancy or for generating rental income.

Loan Amount: Minimum 15 Lakhs, higher limits based on repayment capacity.

Rent Escrow Option: Use rental income from leased properties for paying EMIs.

Low Interest: Secured commercial property loans interest rate start at 9% per annum, lower than unsecured loans.

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FAQ Loan for Commercial Property

Commercial property loans usually have smaller repayment periods than home loans. They also have lower Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios and slightly higher interest rates.

Commercial real estate requires significant down payments. Besides, you need to consider financial implications after purchasing it.

If your intention is to lease it, rental income should cover a substantial EMI portion. If you are purchasing it for your business, monthly mortgage payments should not greatly exceed typical rental expenses.

You can apply a home loan for a commercial property if you are buying an entire premise that includes both residential and commercial sections. For instance, this might involve a ground-floor shop with residential space on the upper levels. The designated area must also allow for mixed land usage.

As per the Income Tax Act, there is no set limit for deducting the loan interest paid for commercial properties from taxable income. This means you can claim a tax deduction for the complete interest amount.

Prepayment charges and processing fees for a commercial property loan are also treated as interest and qualify for tax deductions.

Salaried persons, self-employed professionals, and all legal entities, such as private companies / firms, HUF, trusts, and societies, etc..

Yes, if the property is pre-leased, you could qualify for a larger loan amount compared to your salary eligibility alone. Banks add the rental income to assess your eligibility.

Most financial institutions offer loans for commercial properties that are ready to be occupied. This includes properties allocated by development authorities like DDA, MCD, HUDA, and Noida Authority. Loans are also available for ready to move developer projects and city center malls that have received proper municipal approvals.

Apart from this, we provide loans for properties without approved maps, as long as the shop size is at least 220 square feet. This applies to approved colonies, areas under village gram panchayat, Lal Dora, and freehold unapproved colonies.

Financial institutions exercise caution approving construction-phase commercial projects. Banks/NBFCs primarily approve based on builders' track record.

Therefore, before purchasing an under-construction commercial property, it is essential to ensure that it has obtained approval from reputable financial institutions.

Commercial plot loans are available in approved urban and village Lal Dora / Gram Panchayat areas. You can get a commercial plot loan for various purposes, such as offices, shops, malls, hotels, etc..

Commercial construction loans are available for diverse purposes, like building office spaces or retail areas, such as shops or showrooms. Banks disburse these loans in stages relative to construction progress. Construction loans are available for expansion and renovation of commercial properties as well.

Bankers evaluate the project's feasibility, considering projected rental income or cost savings from the upcoming commercial establishments.

Partnered with top government and private banks/NBFCs, we offer exclusive rates unmatched by others. Check out some of the best rates from these institutions:

• Axis Bank Loan for Commercial Property Interest Rate: 9.20% to 11%
• Bajaj Finance Commercial Purchase Interest Rate: 9.75% to 11.5%
• HDFC Bank Loan for Commercial Property Interest Rate: 9.25% to 11.25%
• ICICI Bank Loan for Commercial Property Interest Rate: 9.50% to 11.50%
• Kotak Bank Commercial Purchase Interest Rate: 9.25% to 11.50%
• PNB HFL Commercial Property Purchase Rate of Interest: 10.25% to 12.75%
• SBI Commercial Purchase Interest Rate: 10.25% to 12.75%

Please note that these are standard rates. Financial institutions can provide better rates for larger loans if the borrower has a strong profile.

With our extensive network and expertise, we tailor solutions to match unique borrower profile and requirements. Reach out to us today and let's make your goals a reality!

Maximum Loan for purchasing or constructing commercial property depends on borrower eligibility and asset value. Banks and NBFCs can offer significant sums, even exceeding 100 crores.

Commercial real estate loans usually have shorter terms compared to home loans. These can range up to 15 years, while for high ticket sizes, it could extend up to 20 years.

Banks usually offer 60% of the property value, but in exceptional cases, institutions might provide up to 80% based on strong borrower profiles and credit team confidence.

Yes, in many cases where property rents solely cover the EMI, banks will escrow the rents. If there's any surplus rent after the monthly EMI is settled, borrowers can use it.

No, if the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is within the limit.

If you qualify, banks might offer you higher LTV without extra collateral. They can do this by including the extra loan under the CGTMSE scheme.

But banks may ask for more collateral if the LTV requirement is higher than the usual standard.

Banks/NBFCs allow flexible part payments for commercial property buyers. Most institutions permit up to 25% annual payment without charges.

Transferring your loan to another bank/NBFC might incur a foreclosure fee from your current lender because of lost expected return on the loan. Some institutions waive this fee if you use your own funds to repay the loan.

The bank decides loan eligibility based on your income and property value. They also consider business profits, rent savings, or projected rents from the property.

Beyond traditional methods, we can offer a higher loan with our expertise and partnership with leading banks. We tailor solutions to match your unique needs and situation.

With all documents available, approval typically takes 7 to 10 days.

Choose Joy Loan for Your Commercial Property Loan Application - An Exceptional Lending Experience Awaits!

Our skilled team possesses an unparalleled understanding of the local market dynamics. Whether you're eyeing commercial properties in authorized zones, city center malls, Village Lal Dora areas, or even freehold/unapproved locations, our familiarity with local area offers you a distinct advantage.

Prior to your commercial property purchase loan application, we carefully align your requirements with over 50 top-tier financial institutions. This ensures that you access the most competitive rates, finely tailored to your individual needs.

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We cover the entire Delhi NCR region for commercial property purchase and construction loans. However, we can extend our services beyond Delhi NCR for high-value cases. Offering services for smaller loans outside our usual area isn't financially feasible.

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