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Loan Documents for Partnership Firm | Company

You need following common documents irrespective of your profile

Individual Applicant/s

  • 1 Photo
  • PAN Card (If available)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Address Proof (If the present address on Aadhar card and Bank statement is different)
  • 6 or 12 months saving account statement (Depending on the financial institution)
  • Loan account statement/s for all running loans (If any)
  • Login cheque

Property Documents

  • Complete Legal Chain of property
  • Sanction Map (If available)
  • For Home loan; Agreement to sale (If executed)
  • For construction loan; Map and estimate of construction. (Can give after showing rest documents)

Income Documents

Income documents in Partnership Company depend on your profile and role in the company. To see financial documents you need, choose your profile

Income Documents for Owner of Partnership Company

Your Financial Documents

  • Last 3 years ITR with financial
  • 3 Month salary certificate (If drawing salary from the company)
  • 3 Year form 16 (If drawing salary from the company)

Company Financial Documents

  • PAN Card of Company
  • Partnership Deed
  • Address Proof of Workplace
  • Business profile on letterhead
  • GST registration with last 4 quarter's return
  • Last 3 Years Company ITR with financials (Computation, P&L, Balance Sheet & Audit Report)
  • Loan account statement of running loans (If any)
  • 12 Month Company Bank statement

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Income Documents for Employee of Partnership Company

Before giving the loan, a financial institution must be sure about your income continuity. For this, they need documents to know your employment and income. Based on their policy they may demand any of following

  • 3 Months’ Salary slip / Salary certificate
  • 2 Year form 16 / Appointment letter / Employment confirmation letter
  • Company’s last year financial. (Top institution, for loan to the employee of small partnership company)
  • Financial Guarantor; Preferably Government employee. (For cash income employee, need loan more than 20 Lakhs)

When you send your loan quarry to us, we do complete analysis of your profile and property. It is because different financial institution gives loan on the different type of properties.

So they need different income documents based on their policies. Yet we can coordinate loan up to 75 Lakhs without income documents. But rate of interest can be higher in absence of standard income document.

But as our intention is to provide you with most economical solution. So we see complete details and do in-depth study of your need. Then we match your requirement with your profile and property.

We do all this, to give you the better offer than anywhere else. An amazing Offer that saves you thousands every month in your EMI

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