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FAQ – Loan Against Property

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  • Debt consolidation (combine smaller loans)
  • Business expansion
  • Working capital - to maintain regular business cash flow
  • Personal purpose - higher education of children, marriage, medical expenses, etc.

Any of these

  • Residential property: house, flat, floor
  • Commercial property: shop, showroom, office, warehouse
  • Industrial property: authority allotted, private developer and unauthorized industrial properties
  • Vacant plot: residential, commercial or industrial land

General LTV:

  • Residential: Self Occupied (SORP): Up to 80%
  • Residential: Rented: up to 70%
  • Residential: Vacant: up to 70%
  • Commercial: Self occupied up to 70%
  • Commercial: Rented/ vacant: Up to 60%
  • Industrial: Self occupied: Up to 55%
  • Industrial: Rented / vacant: Up to 50%
  • Vacant plots: 40 to 55%

Few financial institutions offer 100% LTV or higher, depending on income eligibility.

No. They also see your income, and CIBIL.

We offer mortgage loans from leading financial institutions. HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, IIFL, PNB Housing Finance are, to name a few.

Present Loan against property rate of interest starts @ 8.8%. The rate depends on your profile and the mortgage available.

Loan against property eligibility depends on your income and property value. Because loan against property have longer tenure, eligibility is higher than unsecured loans.

You can speak to our loan expert to check your eligibility and get no obligation quotation.

Loan against property has tenure up to 15 years. In special cases, bank can offer 20 years tenure

Documents required for LAP depend on your profile and property to mortgage. Connect with our loan expert to get your personalized checklist and a perfect loan offer.

For loan against leasehold property, banks need permission to mortgage (PTM) from concerned authorities. E.g., L&DO, DDA, MCD, Noida Authority.

You can apply for PTM after getting loan approval from the bank / NBFC

As you are an absolute owner of property, you don’t need permission from any authority to raise a loan on it.

You can get a loan on unauthorized property with any title deed and clear legal chain. A title deed can be Sale deed / transfer deed / gift deed / relinquishment deed / partition deed, etc.

In the U.P., sale deeds are open to unapproved colonies. In U.P., we serve Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, etc.

In Haryana, new sale deeds have not been happening in unapproved colonies since February 2022. Yet if you have prior title deeds in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Sohna Palwal etc. you can get Loan on property.

In Delhi, DDA provides conveyance deed at notified unauthorized colonies under PM-UDAY scheme. You can get a loan on providing conveyance deed and prior legal chain.

With the availability of title deeds, we can help you get a loan against property.

Lal Dora is a government notified residential area. So, you can execute a sale deed, or any other deed in Lal Dora / Gram Panchayat.

Yes. You can get a loan on without map property up to the third floor.

LAP is also available on multiple flats built on the same floor as double unit, triple unit, etc.

Yes. You can get a loan on the property with a Gali / road of 8 feet.

In case of a back portion of property, you can get a loan even on 4 feet Gali.

Yes. You can get a mortgage loan on these properties.

A Few financial institutions offer loans on basement and lower ground floors. Submit your details so our expert can speak to you about your requirements.

A few institutions offer LAP if the prior legal chain of property did not exist or got lost.

The rate of interest in these properties is slightly higher.

Banks need a title deed for mortgage loan. If your family member has Fard / Khatoni / Jamabandi as ownership proof, you can create a title document with a transfer deed.

Contact us for free consultation for a loan on Khasra / Khatoni property.

Yes. With verification of your business income and repayment capacity, you can get a LAP loan up to 75 Lakhs

Yes. With verification of rental income, you can get a loan against property. Loan can be done with account credit and cash rent.

On cash rental, bank / NBFC offer loan up to 2 crores. On account credit rent or lease rental discounting, loan up to 25 crores are available.

Yes. With verification of income from your employer, you can get up to 15 Lakh LAP loan

Doctors can get a loan against property basis of gross receipts, liquid or cash income.

Banks can offer a loan basis of projected income if you use money to expand the facility.

With our coordination, we can offer loan against property in India to NRI, OCI, and PIO.

For self-employed borrowers, this is subject to branch presence at your business place. In the absence of a local branch, banks cannot verify business income.

If you have a good track record, you can get better ROI on LAP balance transfer. Along a loan against property transfer, you can choose a top-up loan as per your need.

With reasonable justification, you can get a loan against property with a low CIBIL score.

We know credit, legal and valuation policies of various financial institutions. Because of this, we offer the best solution to your need.

We are Delhi NCR’s local and experienced loan agency. A loan with us saves you money and time.

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