Loan Against Property

When you need Loan Against Property

Opportunity: You have a growth opportunity in front of you. You know this opportunity is chance to change you destiny. It can improve your life exponentially. But you can’t pursue it. Damn!! You don’t have money to take this opportunity.

Running Short Of Cash: Life not always runs smooth. Time gets tough, sometimes so much that it starts creating tension in daily life. You are running short of money. In such situation, you can’t decide how to make this tough time go away.

Loan Consolidation: You took small loans from many banks & NBFC. Those loan were offered for low tenure & high interest, so it is getting hard for you to pay high EMI for those many loans

Loan Against Property in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Ghaziabad

If you are hard worker, you deserve best of everything in this challenging time. If you believe in yourself & you can tell yourself in mirror “I DESERVE BETTER LIFE. I KNOW HOW TO SET THINGS RIGHT”. Then it is time to say good bye to tough time. You can find answer of your need here.

We will tell you how your property can help you fulfil you aspiration to grow or it can get you tension free & happy life if you are short on cash. This amazing loan product has power to change your life.

Loan against Property can offer you incredible benefits over other loan type. It has great benefits compared to high interest business or personal loans which have short loan tenures. Due to comparatively lower rate & higher loan tenure there is huge difference in amount of loan you can get for your dream future

If you are looking for Trouble Free Loan against Property, “Congratulations” YOU ARE AT RIGHT PLACE. With us you gets a Loan against Property with full of benefits. You can get Loan against Property on wide variety of property types.

Learn here how to improve your life with fantastic loan against property options. Keep reading. Because being here will being change in your life. Change you want to see in your professional & financial life

Quick Loan Against Property Approval

Subject to availability of relevant documents Loan against Property take 15-20 working days. Our distinguished services are there to get you fast, hassle free, trouble free sanction in remarkable less time

After successful sanction, we gets your loan agreement signed. We submits disbursement documents to bank so you gets your Loan against Property in express fast time. This is why our Loan against Property service is so sought and admired for.

For us, you are at our first place. Entire process is taken care by us and banks official. We do everything to make your Loan against Property easy. We do all working so you have time to enjoy. With our support you will wonder, was it that easy???

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1. Loan Against Residential Property / House

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If you want to get loan against residential property / house, then you can get loan as high as 75% of property market value with rate of interest as low as 11.5% yearly. Interesting tip is – Banks offers lower rate on self-occupied residential property. You can also get loan against your rented or vacant residential property. Banks / Financial institutions charges 0.25% – 0.5% higher rate on rented or vacant property compared to self-occupied residential property.

1.1 Loan Against Property on Standard Residential Property:

If your built up house is allotted from government authority like DDA, MCD, Haryana Housing Board, UP Housing Development board etc. then you don’t need sanction map. Also if you owns property where builder had taken necessary project approval from authority, then you don’t need construction approval map.

If your property is built on land other than mentioned above, you will need approval map from concern authority for construction plan.

1.2 Loan Against Property on Lease Hold Property:

Many of property in Delhi / NCR are allotted from authorities on lease basis like DDA, MCD, L&DO Noida authority etc. For lease hold authority allotted property Permission to Mortgage (PTM) is required from authority before disbursement of loan. In Haryana you will still require Permission to Mortgage (PTM) on free hold property allotted from HUDA.

1.3 Loan Against Property On Without Map Residential Property:

In case your residential property do not have approved map from concerned authority, You can still avail Loan against Property on without map house with a little higher rate of interest which is generally 1% – 2% higher than approved map property.

1.4 Loan Against Property On Double Unit / Triple Unit Flats:

We can also help you to raise Loan against Property on multiple unit on same floor property (Double unit, triple unit, quad unit etc.)

1.5 Loan Against Property On Farm House

If you want to raise loan against a farm house, we can help you. Loan against farm house comes at high rate & only few financial institutions offers loan against farm house. Rate of interest on loan against farm house is between 15-18% depending on amount of loan & your profile. Be assured we negotiates best rate of interest on loan against farm house. Processing fee on loan against farm house is up to 2% of loan amount. We can negotiate lower processing fee on high loan amount.

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2. Loan Against Shop, Showroom, Office & other Commercial Property:

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When your shop or office is based in government allotted complex, then be assured all necessary approval are already taken, so you will not require approval map for construction. But if your property is located in any commercial complex or mall developed by private builder, then bank may ask for sanction plan for construction. Other than normal retail and office spaces, you can also get loan against industry specific work places like hospital, educational institutions etc.

2.1 Loan Against Self Occupied Commercial Property:

You can get loan against your Shop, Showroom, Office or other Commercial Property. Rate of interest of commercial Loan against Property is higher than residential property by 0.5% – 1%. Loan against Property on commercial property can be as low as 12%. We can coordinate better rates from leading banks/ financial institutions for high ticket loans.

2.2 Loan Against Vacant Commercial Property:

You can also get Loan against Property on your vacant property on slightly higher rate (0.25% – 0.50%).

2.3 Loan Against Rented Commercial Property:

Not only you get loan against your income on your rented commercial property like shop, showroom & office. But if rent received on your property is big then you can also get loan against your rented commercial property solely based on rental income. Banks offers a specialized loan product for such rented property. It is called Lease Rental Discounting, better known as LRD in banking terms.

Amount of loan depends on rental value, term of lease & tenant credibility. If you have leased your property to a multinational,  blue-chip or big company, then bank gets assured that they are there to stay for long term, so rental income will be for longer time.

2.4 Loan Against Lease Hold Commercial Property:

You can get Loan against Property on your lease based commercial property. You will require Permission to Mortgage from concern authority at time of loan disbursement.

2.5 Loan Against Commercial Property Based in Residential Area:

If your shop, showroom or office is located in any commercial area but it is built without map, then you can get loan from financial institutions where rate of interest may be slightly higher (1% – 3%). If you need Loan against Property on commercial property in approved residential area, we can facilitate you for such loan subject to minimum size requirement of property.

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3. Loan Against Industrial property

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You ever wondered how you competitor are making exponential growth in slow economy? How they keep up for their funds requirement? You are about to learn how to start crucial growth engine which powers all leading player in industry. Important fact is all leading industrial houses leverage their property, machinery & stocks for cash. They raise money on their assets to make more money. This is money making fact which is not apparent to small business.

As we looks at big industries & their offices it appears such establishment needs big amount to set up. Right, but high portion of this money is raised from banks with this establishment itself as security. Big business houses intelligently works on cash flows so every time they can get higher and higher loan from bank. Fact is your competitors are making profits with money invested by bank. You can too get high growth in your business because you deserves nothing less than best.

3.1 Loan Against Government Allotted Industrial Area:

You can raise Loan against Property on your industrial property, but encountered not many banks & financial institutions are offering Loan against Property on industrial property. Here is Your Help. We can coordinate loan on industrial property for you on low rate of interest from leading names in mortgage market. You can get higher value of loan on your industrial property than anywhere else.

3.2 Loan Against Private Developed Industrial Area:

You can get loan on old industrial area. These old industrial area were started on agricultural land on Khasara no type land identification. But now if authority has approved it and given it property identification number, your property is eligible for Loan against Property. One of example is Karkhana Bagh in Faridabad.

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4. Loan Against Residential, Commercial or Industrial plot

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Businesses leverage every asset they can to raise the money. To them every asset is money. Bottom line is you have more money, you can earn more money. To stay competitive and hold bigger market share you need resources. Resources comes from money. You doesn’t have to be super genius to know this.

What do businesses do with money earned? They invests it again. They may buy a plot for future expansion ‘cheap now’. Again they raise loan against it to reinvest it in their business.

As I said businesses leverage their every asset to raise money. You can too master the art of making money if you do your maths right. For many people this is untold, behind the scene story. Expert agree it is this mindset if you own, can bring rapid change in your life quality.

If you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, debts are not bad. They can actually be your assets. Only people uses their assets wisely makes money. In fact big money. This is simply common sense approach.

If it is Loan against Plot you want to get, few banks & financial institutions offer it.  Loan against various type of plot are offered between 40-65% of plot market value. Loan against plot is in huge demand as value of your plot continues to grow while you are only paying bank for money used

4.1 Loan Against Residential Plot:

You can get higher value of Loan against Property on residential plot. Based on profile & purpose of loan you can get up to 65% of loan against your plot market value. Banks offer higher loan to value on residential plot due to marketability of residential property.

4.2 Loan Against Commercial Plot.

Your commercial plot can be you asset to get capital for your business. Various financial intuitions can give you loan against commercial plot up to 55 % market value of your plot

4.3 Loan Against Industrial Plot:

If you have industrial plot, you can get loan against plot up to 40-60% market value of your plot. Rate of interest of loan against industrial plot is around 15%. Few small financial institutions can offer you loan against plot up to 60% of market on slightly higher rate 16%.

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Loan Against Property Lowest Rate of Interest Comparison

[expand title=”Push To Read” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]We will bargain best rates from top banker. As we deals with all major banks, we picks fascinating offers that gives you huge saving in your Loan against Property EMI. We do everything to maximize your saving and reduce your initial cost. When you choose us we guarantee tremendous profit generating options like no other.

We will get you unbelievable bargain & even more attractive rates for massive saving from few of top banks in India. These substantial saving will significantly help you live your dream. When you make this smart move to choose us as your Loan against Property partner.

Yes! For Loan against Property, there are one time initial cost as processing fee. We shares with you all charges transparently before we proceeds any further. To shape you tomorrow this is small investment. We gives you complete knowledge of total processing fee.

Other‘s will exponentially increase you loan cost. They will charge you for their services & they will not give you best deals

But not with us. We don’t charge anything from you for our services. You can [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”submit your details”] to get inflation beating tips. There is absolutely no obligation to avail it.  Spend no out of pocket cash for our in demand advice.

Remember! Our valuable advice & our amazing services, both are free.

We gets our payout directly from banks. So you gets our services at absolutely no extra cost. Getting Loan against Property with us is full of rewards.

[ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”Simply fill your details”]. We will do all this for you. We provide door step services in entire Delhi / NCR, so you can enjoy comfortable time[/expand]

Eligibility for Loan Against Property

[expand title=”Push To Read” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]You can get Loan against Property on easy and flexible terms with multiple banks. If you are salaried, your income to EMI ratio can be 50-70% of your net income. It is based on your income group & policy of different banks.

If you are business man / woman there are different Loan against Property products offered by different financial institutions. We guide you correctly so you don’t fell short of your purpose. Following methods are used to ascertain your eligibility for Loan against Property

  1. Loan Against Property On Net Income
  2. Loan Against Property On Gross Income
  3. Loan Against Property on Gross Receipts (Professionals)
  4. Loan Against Property On Repayment Track record
  5. Loan Against Property On average bank balance

Be assured we will guide you to right bank so you gets what you want.[/expand]

Documents for Loan Against Property

[expand title=”Push To Read” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]We will give you complete knowledge of documents required based on profile and property. [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=” On submitting your details”], you will get comprehensive mail for Easy to understand loan documents so you know what document is exactly required.

You gets doorstep service to fill form and collect documents from our field staff anywhere in NCR region at your convenient time. We will provide “Door Step Service” from comfort of your home or office”[/expand]

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