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  • Solution on all properties, incomes
  • Up to 90% loan, 7-days fast approval
  • 30 years tenure, higher eligibility
  • 2.67 lakhs PMAY, 4 lakhs yearly tax benefit
  • Repo rate and RPLR link rates, on reducing balance
  • No foreclosure and part-payment charges
  • NCR’s local business, 100s of happy customers

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Institutions We Deal With…

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Best Home Loan Rate of Interest 2023

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Bank's NameLowest Rate Offer
Deutsche Bank7.10%
Axis Bank7.60%
HDFC Home Loan8.10%
ICICI Bank8.10%
IDFC First Bank7.95%
Kotak Mahindra Bank7.99%
LIC Housing Finance7.50% (freedom plan)
PNB Housing Finance7.50%

Unique Properties, Locations; Lowest Rates

Easy, effortless [everything you imagine]

Type / Location of PropertyApproved AreaGram Pachayat / VillageFreehold / Unapproved (with sale deed)
Approve Map, Completion Certificate7.10%8.25%-
Without Approved Map House7.95%8.25%8.25%
Without Map Flat Up to 2nd Floor7.95%8.40%8.40%
Without Map Third Floor Flat7.95%8.40%8.40%
Without Map Fourth Floor Flat9.90%9.90%12.00%
Narrow Road/Gali (5-8 Feets)10.90%11.25%11.25%
Basement / Lower Ground Floor11.75%--
Without Map Fifth Floor Flat12.0012.0012.00
Parking Flat / Stilt Flat / Bacha Flat 12.5%12.5%12.5%
Stone-Slab (Kadi Pathar) Roof12.5%12.7%12.7%

Loan EMI Calculator


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Period Payment Interest Balance

Calculator Disclaimer

The repayment amount shown using this calculator is an estimate, based on information you have provided. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and actual repayment amounts may vary. This calculation does not constitute a quote, loan approval, agreement or advice by Joy Loan. It does not take into account your personal or financial circumstances.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculations

Ready for some math? Simple as 1-2-3

Step 1> Gross EMI Eligibility above 1 lakh/month; Up to 80% of income.

  • 50K – 1 lakh/month; Up to 70% of income.
  • 30K – 50K/month; Up to 55% of income.
  • Below 30K/month; Up to 45% of income.

(club income of spouse and family member)

Step 2> Net EMI Eligibility [Subtract Running Loans liabilities

  • Gross EMI eligibility – running EMIs = net EMI eligibility

(No liability for loans if less than 6 months tenure remaining. Higher loan sanction basis of running loans closure condition)

Step 3> Home Loan Eligibility

  • Net EMI Eligibility / Per lakh EMI

Trust a Pioneer

We define savings and quick loans. Reason hundreds of customers choose us.

For non-standard legal, income, and property loans, we take small coordination fee (after sanction of loan).

Private Institution Charges(minimum 25K)
Without map house1.5%
Without map flat up to third floor1.5%
Basement / lower ground floor2%
Lal Dora / Gram Panchayat area2%
Freehold area / unauthorized colony (not GPA cases)2%
Stilt / parking floor (Bacha flat)2.5%
Without map fourth floor 2.5%
Other legal, technical, Income, and profile issues (except CIBIL)2.5%
CIBIL issueBasis of merit / demerit in the case
PSU Institution Charges (minimum 50K)
Without map house / floor/ flat up to third floor/ freehold area/unauthorized colony/3.5%

FAQ Home Loan

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From leading banks and NBFCs.

* Private institutions 7 to 15 days

* PSU institutions 10 to 20 days

We call you to understand your profile and needs. Based on this, we will share your personalized checklist.

We provide doorstep service for collecting documents and filling application forms

* 2.67 Lakhs subsidy for first time home buyer

* Credit 5 to 6 months after disbursement

* Credit for buying built-up property and construction

* Not for only plot purchases

Up to ₹4 lakhs yearly

  1. Up to ₹1,50,000 under section 80C
  2. Up to ₹2,00,000 under section 24
  3. Up to ₹50,000 under section 80EE

Nil foreclosure because of RBI guidelines.

Applies to floating rate home loans (that most financial institution offers)

Part-payment facility is available with no charges

Home Loan up to third floor for builder floor. You can get up to 90% home loan for resale flat.

Up to 90% home loan on DDA flats, and flats allotted by other development authorities.

Home loan for resale and direct allotment of DDA flats is available.

Yes, you can get home loan in Gram Panchayat / Lal Dora area of a village

Yes, at all locations, where a sale deed can happen. (Not on GPA).

In case of new unapproved colony home loan, site shall be at least 20% populated.

Yes. You can get it.

A new plotting site shall be at least 20% populated. Consult us regarding location.


Legal chain must start with a sale deed or Patwari record


Financial institutions need title deeds for mortgages. You can easily create a gift or transfer deed. Consult us about the location before proceeding.

We can add cash and account credit of rent to your primary income for a higher loan.

You can apply as salaried, or self-employed

Depending on reasonable justification and documents. Consult us so we can work on your case.

We are a local business based in Delhi NCR.

So, we understand the unique properties here and its documentation.

In NCR we deal in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

We also serve a few adjacent cities, e.g., Palwal, Sohna, and Bahadurgarh.

* We assess your profile and property.

* Based on your details, we shortlist all institutions.

* We choose an institution that can offer the lowest rate for your need.

As a result, you will always pay less EMI with us.

* Specialized services for unique properties and incomes

* Competitive edge of a professional and experienced team

* Comprehensive and continued support

* Make your loan amazingly simple, effortless, and trouble-free

One-time coordination fee on non-standard cases (to pay after sanction). This is a fraction of the cost you will spend with our competitors.

* Bank's DST executives do not understand your complex needs

* Corporate aggregators sell your details to associate

* Other consultants charge double or more fee

A loan with us gives you huge savings that our competitors cannot offer.

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