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☑ Finance for New and Existing Healthcare Facilities

☑ No Loan Limit; Eligibility Based on Various Incomes.

☑ Loans from 50+ Banks, NBFCs, and Infra. Fin. Companies.

☑ Interest Starting at 8.50%; Approval in 15 Days or less.

☑ Support from Leading Loan Agency; Best-Deal-Guarantee.

Hospital Project Loan: Usage and More…

Versatile Usage: Hospital project loans are available for new setups, extensions, modernization, and takeovers of healthcare facilities. You can use loan for various purposes, including but not limited to buying plot for hospital, hospital construction, extensions, modernization, and working capital.

Available to Different Borrower: Individuals and non-individual entities, including trusts and societies, can get healthcare project loans. Funding is available for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, as well as small and medium-sized specialty services, along with paramedical facilities.

Higher Loans with Future Incomes: You can get up to 75% of the project cost with no upper limit on the amount. Lenders consider various income methods for eligibility assessments, including future incomes.

Lowest Interest from Top Institutions: Joy Loan facilitates healthcare project loans from 50+ leading government and private infrastructure finance companies, private banks, PSU banks, and NBFCs. Interest rate start with 8.50%, with a tenure of up to 15 years.

Swift Approval and Flexible Terms: Get quick approval for your loan in 15 days after submitting all required documents. Benefit from flexible terms and the option of a moratorium during the setup phase.

Confidential Processing: We use your details only to identify the right lender for your requirements. We maintain high standards of integrity and keep your information confidential.

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Hospital Construction Loan

Leading banks and NBFCs are here to support your hospital construction plans. They offer financing for up to 80% of the construction cost and flexible repayment options. You can also benefit from a moratorium of up to 18 months after construction completion.

Choose Joy Loan for your hospital construction financing needs and take the first step towards realizing your project. Joy Loan ensures a smooth and efficient financing experience tailored to your requirements. Apply now to get support and expertise you need to bring your hospital construction plans to fruition.

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FAQ Hospital Project Loan

The following individuals and non-individuals engaged in various healthcare services can apply for a hospital project loan:

  • Professionals
  • Proprietorship
  • One Person Companies
  • Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Firm
  • Private Limited or Limited Company
  • Trust
  • Society


At least one promoter/director/doctor should have the requisite qualification in any branch of medical science. Additionally, the main promoter should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in running a healthcare business.

Doctors with qualifications such as M.Ch, DNB, MD, MS, MDS, MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, including government doctors, are eligible to apply for a loan based on their degrees.

Different financial institutions provide project loans as term loans, Cash Credit (CC), or overdraft facilities based on the borrower's needs.

Secured Loans

  • Minimum: Rs. 2 Crore
  • Maximum: 500 Crores or more

Unsecured Loans

  • Doctors’ Loan (based on degree): Up to 50 Lakhs
  • Business Loan: Up to Rs. 3 Crores
  • CGTMSE: Up to 5 Crores

Promoters need to contribute a minimum 25% of the total project cost, while the lending institution can provide financing up to 75% of the project cost.

Loan options for hospital projects can start as low as 8.50% from leading banks and NBFCs. Trust Joy Loan for finding the perfect lender tailored to your needs. We ensure that you get the most favorable interest rates in the market.

Typically, up to 15 years, higher tenure up to 20 years for bigger loan size

  • New setup / construction of hospital / Nursing home: moratorium up to 18 months.
  • Equipment purchase and existing healthcare facilities: moratorium up to 6 months.

Experience quick loan approval within 15 days of completing the required documents. We strive to provide a swift and seamless loan approval process.

Various income assessment methods are available for a hospital project loan eligibility, including:

  • Net profit / Gross profit
  • Gross receipts / turnover
  • Repayment track record
  • Liquid income program based on income assessment
  • Average bank balance
  • Future or projected income basis

With Joy Loan's help, you can get the highest loan amount on various income types. We match your requirements with the right lender, providing a personalized loan solution to meet your needs.

Leading banks, NBFCs, and infrastructure finance companies offer financing for hospital projects and other healthcare setups.

With Joy Loan's extensive network of 50+ leading financial institutions, you can trust our expertise to connect you with the right lending partners.

A Hospital Project Loan is a secured loan used for acquiring, building, or expanding medical facilities.

In contrast, Doctor's Loans are unsecured loans offered based on doctors' educational credentials. Doctor's loans are adaptable, serving purposes such as setting up a clinic, improving existing medical setups, or personal needs. They are also known as "hospital loans for doctors".

Financial institutions offer collateral free, unsecured loans up to 50 Lakhs based on the educational qualifications of doctors. These facilities can be as a term loan or an overdraft.

To apply for a Doctor's Loan, you should have one of the following educational degree:


  • Super Specialist Doctors (DM/M. Ch./DNB)
  • Specialist Doctors (MS/MD/DNB)
  • MBBS + Diploma
  • Graduate Doctors (MBBS)
  • Dentist (BDS/MDS)
  • Ayurveda and Homeopathy Doctors (BAMS/BHMS)
  • DHMS

Besides, your age should be between 22 to 72, with a minimum CIBIL score of 680.

  • Unsecured Doctor's Loans: Nationwide (minimum loan size 15 lakhs)
  • Hospital Project Loans: North India (minimum loan size 2 crores)
  • Hospital Project Loans: Nationwide, other than North India (minimum loan size 5 crores)

The interest rate for healthcare project finance can be as low as 8.50% annually. Interest rates are determined based on the loan size, borrower profile, and available security.

Repayment can be structured as equated installments or customized to align with the estimated cash flow.

For project finance, an escrow account may be required.

Available after 12 months.

Available after lock-in period of 12 months.

Individual Applicants:

  • KYC Documents: Photo, PAN, Aadhar, etc.
  • 3 Years' Income Tax Returns with Financials
  • 12 Months' Bank Statements
  • Sanction Letters and Loan Statements of Running Loans

Non-Individual Applicants (Partnership Company, LLP, Pvt Ltd Companies, Ltd Companies, Trusts, and Societies):

  • KYC Documents: PAN, Registration Certificate, Address Proof
  • Partnership Deed / MOA, AOA / Trust Deed / Society Bylaws
  • 3 Years' Income Tax Returns with Financials
  • 12 Months' Bank Statements
  • Sanction Letters and Loan Statements of Running Loans
  • Copy of Security / Property Documents
  • Details about the Funding Requirement / Project Reports
  • Other Documents as per Funding Needs

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions can receive unsecured MSME loans up to 5 crores under the CGTMSE scheme. You can get higher financing with partial security through a hybrid scheme to cover amounts beyond 5 crores.

• Loans Rs.2 Cr to Rs.100 Cr: 25% SARFAESI enabled collateral.
• Partial collateral with CGTMSE hybrid scheme.
• No collateral under CGTMSE scheme(max 5 Cr finance).

  • Purchase of ready building: Direct payment to seller.
  • Plot Purchase: Direct payment to seller.
  • Equipment/vehicles and other purchases: Direct payment to seller.
  • Hospital construction: Payment to borrower in trenches depending on construction progress.

Banks, NBFCs, and other lenders charge a processing fee typically ranging from 0.50% to 1% of the loan amount. Additional incidental charges may also apply based on the lender's policies.

  • High standards of integrity and confidentiality of your information.
  • Expert help from a leading loan agency with over a decade of experience.
  • Associated with 50+ leading banks and NBFCs.
  • Helping you choose the right lender based on your profile and requirements.

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We charge a nominal coordination fee for complex healthcare financing proposals. These charges are specific to the challenges of each case. These one-time charges ensure you get the best loan solution for your needs.

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