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  • Plot and Construction Loan for Educational Institutions
  • Loan Amount Up To 100 Crores or More.
  • Higher Eligibility Based on Gross Receipts and Projections
  • Tailored Repayment Aligned with Fee Collection Cycle
  • Construction Phase Moratorium
  • Loans from 30+ Government / Private Banks and NBFCs

Education Institution Loan: Awakening of New Learning

Educational institutions often require specialized financial solutions to meet their unique needs. Educational institution loans assist private schools, colleges, and universities in molding the educational landscape and improving the learning environment. Explore how these loans can contribute to your institution’s success.

  • Loans for Different Applicants: Loans for educational institution are available for various types of institutions, including private schools, colleges, and universities operated by trusts, societies, and companies.
  • Versatile Usage: Loans for Education Institution can be used for construction, plot purchase, renovation, expansion, upgrading, and acquiring equipment.
  • Extended Tenure with Moratorium: Moratorium is available during the construction phase to better manage your cash flow. EMIs start after the project is completed.
  • Eligible for Priority Sector Lending: Loans for educational institution have been part of priority sector advances since 2011, as per RBI advisory to commercial banks.

Choose Joy Loan, a seasoned multi-bank loan agency. We’ve served hundreds of customers, helping them secure the best deals based on their unique profiles and needs. Our experience makes us the right choice for your educational institution loan.

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Here are the requirements for applying for an educational institution loan for schools, colleges, and other institutions.

  • Stable source of income and proven track record.
  • Promoted by experienced individuals in the relevant field.
  • Minimum 3 years in existence, unless the promoters have prior experience in the education field.
  • Necessary permissions to operate the school, college, or educational institute.
  • Recognition / affiliation from CBSE, ICSE, state education boards, universities, AICTE, Medical Council, etc.

  • Loan for purchasing plots for schools, colleges, or educational institutes.
  • Construction loans for building schools, colleges, or educational institutes.
  • Loans for extending or renovating premises.
  • Updating equipment, systems, or other capital expenses.

Loans are available based on the following income assessments:

  • Gross / Net profits of the last 3 years
  • Gross receipts for the last 3 years
  • Projected financials for higher loan amounts
  • Rent can be added if you operate from rented premises

Typically, 3 years of financials are required, but if the institution has a convincing numbers, bankers may consider working with projected financials.

  • Mortgage of immovable property owned by the educational institute.
  • Mortgage of immovable property on which the institution is located.
  • Residential property of the main promoter.
  • Additional security, if required, for loan amounts exceeding prescribed LTV terms.

While loans are within LTV (Loan-to-Value) norms, banks ask for the main promoters' residential property as additional collateral.

This is to establish an emotional connection and minimize the risk of the loan becoming a non-performing asset (NPA). In special situations, financial institutions may waive this requirement.

If you are looking to take over a school or college, you can also explore the option of a loan against property as a viable choice.

Moreover, the existing management can obtain a loan using the educational institution's income and assets as collateral for a portion of the exit funds. After take over, the responsibility for repaying the loan falls on the new promoters, which means you.

Banks rarely finance properties with unclear legal histories. To secure financing for an educational property, the bank's legal team needs a clear title deed and a complete legal history of the property.

If any legal documents are missing, the current sale deed should be at least 2 years old.

Plot loan for schools and colleges are available for plots located on designated educational sites.

Subject to certain terms and conditions, plot loan for school can also be available in residential areas or freehold areas.

For a construction loan for building in designated educational sites, You will need to provide authority approved maps along with other required documents.

For a construction loan for school building in residential or freehold areas, you will require a map approval from the local municipality or Gram Panchayat. In decontrolled areas, such a map serve as approval to operate a school.

Maximum loan amount for educational institutions varies based on repayment capacity, property value, and other liabilities.

Depending on the borrower's profile, banks and NBFCs can offer loans exceeding 100 crores.

  • Built-up premises: Up to 65%
  • Plot: Up to 60%
  • Construction: up to 75%

You can get a higher loan with an additional collateral.

We offer rates starting at just 9.5% from leading banks and NBFCs. When you choose us, we find you the best deals, ensuring you get the most affordable rates and unique offers that our competitors can't match.

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If you've maintained a clean repayment history for at least one year, you are eligible for a top-up loan to help you with capital or operating expenses. These loans are easy to process, and have lower costs compared to unsecured business loans.

A one-year clear repayment track record is also necessary for loan transfer cases with top-up requests.

We can tailor repayment to match your institution's revenue cycle. Depending on the frequency of fee collection, banks can accept monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual repayment schedules.

For added convenience, the bank offers repayment directly from the fee collection account, along with an ESCROW facility.

Yes, during the construction phase, you have the option to pay only the interest

Usually, it's 15 days from the application.

In addition to the common documents, the specific documents required depend on the borrower's profile. You can refer to our documentation section for a general checklist or contact us to receive a personalized checklist based on your profile.

Over 30 banks and financial institutions provide loans for educational institutes. Joy Loan, with our expertise and partnerships with top banks and NBFCs, ensures you get the best loan deal tailored to your institution's profile and needs. Just submit your details, and we'll find you the top loan offer from the entire mortgage market.

We serve the entire Delhi NCR region, including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. For loans over 3 crores, we extend our services up to a 200-kilometer radius. For loans over 10 crores, we can assist you anywhere in India.

At Joy Loan, we work closely with top banks and understand the unique needs of customers like you. If you're expanding your educational institution, seize this opportunity for expert guidance and cost-effective loans. Submit your details today for the best educational institute loan.

Keep in mind, for loans to Educational Institutes, we may charge a one time loan coordination fee after approval of loan. So, if you want a competitive edge with experts by your side, respond promptly. Act now and we'll reach out shortly.

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