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Get Better-than-Competitors’ Deal for Home Loan Top Up

  • Home loan top up for any purpose
  • Cut interest rate on by home loan balance transfer with top up
  • Choose up to 30 years for higher eligibility
  • Loan up to 80% of property value
  • Free quote and professional consultation

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Home Loan Balance Transfer with Top Up “Better-Together”

Take full benefit of your initiative by home loan transfer and top up. Reduce interest rate, or change tenure. Wish it and have it.

Check out lower home loan top up interest rate on challenging properties.

 Approved LocationsLal Dora / Gram Pachayat LandUnauthorized Colony (with sale deed)
Authority Approve Map and Completion Certificate7.10%8.25%-
Without Map House 7.95%8.25%8.25%
Without Map Single Unit Floor (Up to 2nd Floor)7.95%8.40%8.40%
Without Map Flat Up to Third Floor (including Multiple Units)7.95%8.40%8.40%
Fourth Floor / Flat9.90%9.90%12.00%
Narrow Road/Gali (5-8 Feets)10.90%11.25%11.25%
Basement / Lower Ground Floor11.75%--
Fifth Floor12.0012.0012.00
Parking Flat / Stilt Flat / Bacha Flat 12.5%12.5%12.5%
Stone-Slab (Kadi Pathar) Roof12.5%12.7%12.7%

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Home Loan Top Up Calculator

You can get housing loan top up up to 80% of property value (subject to financial eligibility). Check out the EMI calculator for home loan top up calculations.

Home Loan Top Up Eligibility

Top up loan on home loan has longer tenure up to 30 year. So, home loan top up eligibility is higher compared to other loans.

home loan top up eligibility also depends on your income and profession.

  • Salaried- up to 80% of net salary
  • Self-employed professional- up to 100% of receipts, repayment track record, average bank balance
  • Self employed non-professional – repayment track record, average bank balance, net income, gross turnover, industry margin

Send your details to check your maximum eligibility.

FAQ – Home Loan Top Up


Personal Attention to Every Loan

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I Want Personal Advice for Home Loan Top Up

Loan Top Up

This is usually extended as a personal loan against the mortgage of the property. Under this scheme, you can apply for an additional loan on an existing loan with the same bank or can ask for that extra amount along with a balance transfer. You can take top on loan on your housing loan as well as on your commercial property loan.

Top-up loans beyond a certain percentage are extended at a higher rate of interest than a normal home loan.

The LTV on top up loans is lower than that of normal home loan and is usually restricted to 70-80% of the market value of the property

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