Balance Transfer

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Your home loan EMI is not letting you enjoy your life?

You are unable to go out on movie & dinner with your family because of limited finances. You think you don’t have money to buy a new mobile or tablet in store? Think of home loan BT , We will show you why

EXISTING BANK 10.75% 50761/- 609132 0
NEW BANK 9.50% 46934/- 559284 49848
SAVING IN % 8.91%

Example of 50 lakhs loan running @ 10.75%. Higher Rate of Interest means more saving.

Now you can take your family out on dinner or buy a new mobile. Or both if you want. Click here to check our EMI calculator and see yourself, what will be your new EMI

We Have second option: If you want to pay out loan quickly, you can choose to pay same EMI and reduce your loan tenure. Here is a quick example of how your loan tenure will reduce

EXISTING BANK 10.75% 50761/- 240 48 MONTHS
NEW BANK 9.50% 50749/- 192 0

Example of 50 lakhs loan running @ 10.75%. Higher current Rate of Interest means faster repayment

Here is third option: How about paying same EMI for same tenure and getting some hard cash with BT. Yes you got it right. we will get you BT plus top up at lower ROI. Following is quick example

EXISTING BANK 10.75% 50761/- 5000000 0
NEW BANK 9.50% 50755/- 5445000 445000

Example of 50 lakhs loan running @ 10.75% for 20 years. Higher current Rate of Interest means more top up

This is just example of top up loan. You can take more top up if your income and property value allows. You wonder what to do with top up loan…

Imagine taking a car loan or personal loan lowest ROI offered from leading banks & financial institutes. Plus no foreclosure charges on part payment or foreclosing it. Yes you can do it all with home loan BT plus top up loan

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Lowest interest rates for Balance Transfer in India

We are associated with leading banks and NBFC which are offering lowest ROI
on Home Loan BT in India. We offers you few of the best Home Loan BT options available from Home Loan providers but not limited to HDFC, SBI, Axis Bank, IDBI Bank & ICICI Bank.

Now with added advantage of Home Loan BT for principle outstanding loan amount less then 25 lakhs, you will be also entitled for tax benefit applicable for new amendment. So It will make more sense in 2015 now to get high tax benefit as there is no foreclosure charges by bank on Home Loan BT.

Latest Rate of Interest For Home Loan / Home Loan Transfer from Leading Housing Finance Banks / NBFC. Updated on 26th October, 2015. (Source: Official Website)

HDFC Ltd Axis Bank ICICI Bank IDBI Bank SBI PNB Housing Finance
Standard Rates 9.55% 9.55% 9.65% 9.70% 9.55% 9.75%
Female Benefit 0.05 - 0.05% - 0.05% -
Interest Saver - 0.5% - 0.6% Extra - 0.15% Extra 0.25% Extra -

Now you have questions – Is it right time to do home loan BT? What is process of home loan BT?

We have the answers of your question – After RBI guidelines of no foreclosure charges on Home Loan BT are applicable. As banks are not charging for Home Loan BT, there was never a better time to transfer you home loan from high ROI lender to most competitive rate of interest in year 2015. Even Home Loan balance transfer PF is nominal. You can transfer home loan for built up property, under construction property or loan for plot.

Home Loan Balance Transfer With Joy Loan

We are expert in home loan BT. We have served hundreds of people for home loan BT and save them on their EMI. After-all hundreds of people can’t be wrong when they took our advice for it. We are Local, Experienced & Professional partner for your loan requirement

We will tell you why choose us for home loan BT

  1. We Offers you few of best option available for home loan BT for ROI
    & PF
  2. Simple documentation
  3. Door step service
  4. Dedicated executive for your case
  5. Personalized attention
  6. Simple process
  7. Quick service
  8. Our added PF discount offer making your home loan BT
    at zero or at very low charges

So don’t wait any longer, fill your details & take our free expert advice, or go thorough home loan BT
and choose which bank you will prefer. We can give you customize offer for home loan BT
based on your profile and loan amount

Home Loan BT Zero PF

We are Channel Partner of multiple banks & NBFC. We offers you few of finest home loan PF
offers. For many banks we offer you zero PF on home loan BT. For many other banks we negotiates best PF
discounts. For some banks, we offers you discount from our commissions once your loan gets disbursed.

We Suggest you to visit our PF waiver page to know about PF offers from us

Home Loan BT through Joy Loan

We have served hundreds of clients for Home Loan BT on in Delhi/ NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad & Faridabad). We gives personalized attention to every single case from first phone call / internet quarry to disbursement of loan.

We can offer you lowest ROI on Home Loan BT for your home loan as well as for your commercial property loan . You can apply a Home Loan BT in capacity of NRI & PIO also. Other loan agency which has multibank tie up are not locally based. So when you go to some one else for Home Loan BT you goes to some one who is exclusive to 1 banker. Due to which they are unable to extend lowest ROI on Home Loan BT.

Quick Service on Home Loan BT in Delhi / NCR

Entire process of Home Loan BT from application login to transfer takes maximum 12-15 days. We ensures collection of complete documents on first visit, but some time credit manager may ask you for other document to support statement in application form. Generally such quarry occasionally comes, but it is good to know in advance. Such quarry and resolution do not have much impact on total time of BT but some time it may take 1 or 2 days extra due to this

Apply Now For Limited Period Home Loan PF

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