Loan Against Industrial Property In Delhi NCR

loan against industrial property in Delhi NCR

Loan Against Industrial Property In Delhi / NCR

You as industrialist, runs growth engine of country creating employment. Your honesty creates higher quality standards which adds more reliability for better tomorrow. With building bigger business you are creating more new opportunities to nation. In quest for building better and bigger business, shortage of money can be big obstacle, but you can overcome obstacles with loan against industrial property.

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[expand title=”Click to read more” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]I will tell you how your industrial property can help you fulfil you aspiration to grow and it can get you tension free & happy life if you are short on cash. This amazing loan product has power to change your life.

Learn here how to improve your life with fantastic loan against industrial property options. Keep reading. Because being here will being change in your life. Change you want to see in your professional & financial life

You ever wondered how your competitor are making high growth in slow economy? How they keep up for their funds requirement? As you looks at big industries & their offices it appears such establishment needs big amount to set up and run. Right, but high portion of this money is raised from banks with this establishment itself as security. Big industrial houses intelligently works on cash flows so every time they can get higher and higher loan from bank. Fact is your competitors are making profits with money invested by bank. This is money making fact which is not apparent to small business

Businesses leverage every asset they can to raise the money. To them every asset is money. Bottom line is, you have more money – you can earn more money. To stay competitive and hold bigger market share you need resources. Resources comes from money. You can too get high growth in your business because you deserves nothing less than best.

You can raise Loan against Property, but encountered not many banks & financial institutions are offering Loan against Property on industrial property. Here is Your Help. We can coordinate loan against industrial property for you on low rate of interest from leading names in mortgage market. You can get higher value of loan on your industrial property than anywhere else. Banks / financial institutions gives 40% – 70% loan on value of your industrial property.[/expand]

Quick Loan Against Industrial Property In Delhi / NCR

Subject to availability of relevant documents loan against industrial property take 15-20 working days. Our distinguished services are there to get you fast, hassle free, trouble free sanction in remarkable less time

[expand title=”Click to read more” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]After successful sanction, we gets your loan agreement signed. We submits disbursement documents to bank so you gets your loan against industrial property in express fast time. This is why our loan against industrial property service is so sought and admired for. We do all working so you have time to enjoy. With our support you will wonder, was it that easy???[/expand]

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On Which Industrial Property I Can Get LAP?

You can take loan against self-occupied industrial property as well as rented or vacant industrial properties. Few financial institution also offers loan against vacant industrial plot or land.

[expand title=”Click to read more” trigclass=”noarrow my_button” targclass=”my_content” tag=”div”]In Delhi & NCR there are many industrial areas which were established by planning authorities for promotion of industrial production or setting up service hubs for big service providers. You can get loan against all industrial property in any of these area. Many other industrial areas set up by local promoters or otherwise unplanned industrial areas were also recognized by government authorities. You can get loan against your industrial property even in residential and commercial areas, if you have taken approval from authority to do industrial activity.

In Delhi following areas are allotted by authority as industrial area

Naraina Industrial Area, Jhandewallan Flatted Factory, Motia Khan Scheme, DCM Flatted Factory Complex, Shahzada Bagh Industrial. Area, Gulabi Bagh Industial Area, Rajasthan Udyog Nagar, G.T. Road near Jahangirpuri, SMA Co-operative Industrial Estate, SISI Industrial. Area, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial. Area, Hindustan Prefab Ltd. Industrial Area, Okhla Industrial Area Phase I, II & III, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area, SISI Complex Okhla, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, Mayapuri Phase I & II, Udyog Nagar Rohtak Road, Keshav Pur Leather Tannery Scheme, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Mangolpuri Industrial Area Phase I & II, Jhilmil Industrial Area, Patparganj Industrial Area, Friends Colony Industrial Area, Narela Industrial Estate, Bawana Industrial Estate, Khanjhawala Industrial Estate, PVC Bazar Tikri Kalan

Apart from above government allotted industrial areas, following unplanned industrial areas are also recognized for industrial activities in Delhi MPD 2021 (Click here to download. Read section 7 Industrial)

Anand Parbat, Shahdara, Samai Pur Badli, Jawahar Nagar, Sultanpur Mazra, Hastsal Pocket – A, Naresh Park Extension, Libaspur, Peeragarhi Village, Khyala, Hastsal Pocket – D, Shalamar Village, New Mandoli, Nawada, Rithala, Swarn Park Mundka, Haiderpur, Karawal Nagar, Dabri, Basai Darapur

In Delhi specific industrial activities are allowed in residential areas & commercial areas (Activities Category as per MPD 2021. Click here to download)

  • Residential: Category A activities, Maximum 5 workers and maximum 5 KW industrial load
  • Lal Dora: Category A and A+ activities, maximum 5 workers and maximum 5 KW industrial load
  • Commercial areas: A, A+, B category activities, Maximum 19 Workers Maximum 11 KW industrial load

Like Delhi there are specific industrial activities allowed in residential & commercial area of neighboring towns of Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad & Faridabad. For this you are required to take approval from local governing authority. There is wide variation in type of activities allowed in such residential and commercial areas, but thumb rules are common

  • Unit should not cause pollution
  • Industrial approval must be taken
  • Inflammable or hazardous substance storage is not permitted.
  • Separate industrial electric connection
  • Municipal License to set up a household industry.

In Faridabad following areas were allotted as industrial location by authorities (HUDA / HSIDC / MCF)


Other unplanned & MCF approved industrial areas like Karkhana Bagh, Samaypur Industrial Area. MCF approved residential colonies & government allotted residential properties with permission to do industrial activities like Fruit Garden, NIT – 1, NIT – 2, NIT – 3, NIT – 5 and all other residential colonies[/expand]

What Are Norms for Loan Against Industrial Property

There is no standardization on loan against industrial property. Institutions rate of interest as well as terms can be flexible based on your profile and banker’s comfort. Depending on your profile we can coordinate flexible terms on loan against industrial property. I suggest you to [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=” submit your details right now”] to know your profile based terms for loan against industrial property.

Rate of Interest Comparison for Loan Against Industrial Property

Rate of interest on loan against industrial property can be as low as 12%. When you choose us for your loan against industrial property, we take care of choosing top loan offers, always getting better rates from leading banks. You will get top offers from top name in mortgage industry. You will get deals better than anywhere else so you gets the saving. You gets complete knowledge of current rates, customized offers especially for you depending on your profile and income

When you choose us we guarantee tremendous profit generating options like no other. We will get your loan against industrial property at fraction of cost you will spend anywhere else. So why pay extra?

With best rates of interest and lowest processing fee offers, it makes sense to choose proven loan against industrial property provider. Remember! With our competitor, getting your loan against industrial property will cost twice. But we gets you most affordable & unbeatable rate of interest and Processing Fee discount. Wonderful & unbelievable offers that are sure to save you huge money. Now is the time, don’t delay anymore. [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”Submit your details immediately”].

Documents for Loan Against Industrial Property

[ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”On submitting your details”], you will get a call from us. We will understand your requirement and profile. Based on your profile, you will get comprehensive mail for easy to understand loan against industrial property document. You gets doorstep service to fill form and collect documents from our field staff anywhere in NCR region at your convenient time.

We Are Here To Help

You want to unlock bright future, without spending much time and money? You have this precious opportunity to take expert advice & our proven profitable services. [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=” submit your details right now”] to get best deal on loan against industrial property in Delhi / NCR

For loan against industrial property we charge onetime fee as loan coordination charges. But this small fee ensures that you gets loan deal on industrial property with lowest rate of interest. Be assured you will pay our coordination fee only after sanction of your loan. So you lose nothing when you [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”submits your details with us”]

If you want to take competitive edge of an experienced, and professional partner your immediate response is require.  [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=” submit your details immediately”]. If your take action now your promptness will take you to soaring future. So stop wasting time rush your details quickly. We will call you back in shortest time possible.

You have already given so much of your precious time. If you don’t submits your details, you will lose all the benefits you have learnt so far.

Remember! With our competitor, your loan against industrial property will cost twice or more. But we gets your most affordable & unbeatable rate of interest and Processing Fee offers. Wonderful & unbelievable offers that are sure to save you huge money. Now is the time, don’t delay any more. [ninja_forms_modal_form id=5 text_link=”Submit your details immediately “].

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