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Loan Against Industrial Property: Fueling Tremendous Growth

Speed up the growth of your business with a loan against industrial property. With better funding, you can hold bigger market share still being competitive in business.

Here are the key highlights of a loan against industrial property:

  1. Access to Significant Capital: With mortgage loan against industrial property, you can get substantial funds. You can use this loan for expanding operations, buying machinery, working capital, etc.
  2. Competitive Interest Rates: Top banks often provide competitive interest rates. This makes loan against industrial property cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Flexible Repayment Tenure: These loans have longer repayment tenures compared to business loans. This allows you to manage cash flow and meet financial obligations.
  4. Flexible Usage: You can use it for expanding facilities, buying machinery, consolidating smaller loans or meeting working capital needs.
  5. Streamlined Process: With the help of Joy Loan, the process of loan against industrial property becomes simplified. The coordination between borrowers and bank ensures a smooth experience.

Joy Loan provides competitive loan offers from our bouquet of leading banks. Our simplified and efficient services ensure you an easy and effortless loan.

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FAQ Mortgage Loan Against Industrial Property

Accepted: authority/builder sites and recognized unplanned areas.

Self-use or leased out industrial properties with following uses qualify for mortgage term loans.

• Manufacturing
• Warehousing
• R&D centers
• Office spaces (BPO, KPO, call centers)
• Service centers
• Vacant factories/workshops/sheds
• Vacant industrial plots

  • Minimum: 15 Lakhs
  • Maximum: Based on credit appraisal

• CAPEX (expanding/buying machines)
• OPEX (operating expenses)
• Fulfilling large, long-term orders
• Debt consolidation
• Starting a new venture
• Personal purposes

LTV for Industrial Mortgage Loans varies between 40% to 70% by property type.

Higher loans for built-up factories, industrial sheds, and workshops; lower LTV for industrial plots.

Loans against industrial property take 15-20 working days, subject to document availability. Our distinguished services ensure fast and hassle-free sanctioning.

Joy Loan, an unbiased loan agency, offers unmatched interest rates from leading banks and NBFCs. Apply Right Now for personalized offer basis of your profile, property.

Various banks and NBFCs use following income methods to assess eligibility:

• Net income
• Gross turnover / gross receipts
• Repayment track record
• Average bank balance
• Future / projected income
• Rental incomes
• Liquid income assessment

Micro and small enterprises can get loans for manufacturing in commercial areas. In Delhi, for example, manufacturing activities with up to 19 employees and an 11 KW industrial load are allowed in commercial areas.

Similarly, other cities permit diverse manufacturing activities in commercial areas with these rules:

• Non-polluting unit
• No flammable or hazardous product manufacturing/storage
• Separate industrial electric connection
• Municipal license for industry setup

Micro enterprises can get loans for manufacturing in residential areas. In Delhi, law permits manufacturing activities in residential areas with up to 5 employees and 5KW industrial load.

Other cities, like Delhi, allow manufacturing in residential areas with these regulations.

• Non-polluting unit
• No manufacturing/storage of flammable or hazardous products
• Separate industrial electricity connection
• Municipal approval for industry setup

Some banks and NBFCs offer loans on third-party collaterals.

Banks prefer the property owner to have some interest in your business. They may need to become partners, directors, applicants, or guarantors for the loan. However, some institutions accept an NOC from the property owner.

You can raise loan for manufacturing company with second charge of property.
It's beneficial if your existing banker can't provide a top-up because of eligibility criteria. The new bank will need an NOC from your existing bank.

The Required documents depend on your profile and property type.

Contact us right now for a personalized documents checklist. Our specialized services ensure a faster and effortless loan on factory and workshop.

Subject to a justified reason, the financial institution can consider your application. However, this justification should be backed by supporting documents.

Joy Loan, an independent and unbiased agency, offers attractive loan options for factory loans from leading banks. Our simplified process ensures an effortless experience. We provide the best loan options regardless of your property and income type, with competitive rates and fabulous EMI savings.

Seize amazing opportunities for your business and act now! Submit your details for the best deal on loans against industrial property in Delhi/NCR.

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