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  • Interest rates start @ 8.25%
  • Loan on cash salary, without ITR
  • PMAY and tax benefits
  • Low processing fee and other charges

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Village home loan F.A.Q. – everything you need to know

Home loans is available in Gram Panchayat of all Delhi villages. Following are few mentionable names

BijwasanKotla MubarkapurNarela
BurariMadanpur KhadarNawada

In Uttar Pradesh, we provide service in Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, and Greater Noida West / Noida Extension. In Haryana, we serve Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal, and Sohna.

You can get a loan for Gram Panchayat Property from leading banks and finance companies.

We select a bank or finance company depending on your profile and type of property.

Reputed institutions like HDFC, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank or SBI provide home loan as per NHB norms. So, they follow the following norms:

  • Minimum road width
  • Structural stability (no Gatter Pathar / stone slab roof)
  • Building by laws (using sanctioned FAR / coverage area)

In most cases, standard legal documents are not available in these areas. Hence, they cannot offer home loan for Gram Panchayat property.

Current lowest rate of interest in village home loan is 7.25%. It can go up to 12% or higher depending on your profile, income method and need.

  • Buy a plot, house or flat up to 3rd floor
  • Construction of house
  • Transfer of high interest loan
  • Refinance of money spent in the last 12 months on buying or construction of property
  • Top-up on mortgage for debt consolidation, personal use

  • Up to 90% on ready to move property (house or flat)
  • Up to 90% for construction, renovation, extension
  • Up to 70% for plot purchase
  • Up to 70% for loan against property / mortgage

For buying ready to move property, few institutions offer fitting and fixture (F&F loan) if the sale deed is on at lower than market price. Yet they maintain maximum loan exposure below 90% of property value

  • Purchase case—Payment to seller on execution of sale deed
  • Construction loan—Payment to customer in 3 to 4 stages depending on construction progress (no need of bills)
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer—Payment to previous finance company
  • Home Loan refinance, top-up, mortgage—Payment to customer

You can get a home loan for construction of house in village if you do not have prior sale deed on property. For legal report, the bank’s lawyer needs some documents to confirm you are an undisputed owner of property and property is mortgage able. You can have any of one ownership proof.

  • Minimum 15-year-old Lal Dora corticate with old utility bills
  • 15-year Fard / Khatoni record with your name

Financial institutions need a title document for creating a mortgage on your property. To get a loan against Gram Panchayat property, you can create title deed by gift deed, or transfer deed.

Banks / NBFC do not give loan for construction of basement.

But you can build a basement at your cost. Bank will finance cost above ground level only.

Few housing finance companies charge up to 16% ROI in Gram Panchayat Area.

We give you superb loan transfer options, handpicked from top bank/NBFC with. We can offer home loan rate of interest as low as 7.25%. Check the below actual case illustration for Nikhil Sharma in 2018

ParameterPrevious BankNew Bank
Loan Amount11484501223000
Repayment Period (Months)223132
Time Saved91 Months (40% faster closure)
Saving in Amount₹1299011
  • Property: First floor flat, Burari, Delhi
  • Previous Institution: Aavas Financiers Limited (Earlier AU Housing Finance Ltd)
  • EMI paid: 17 months
  • Client Profile: Salaried
  • PF and coordination charges added as top-up loan

With simple documents, you can get a mortgage loan on Gram Panchayat property

  • Documents related to your Identity e.g., PAN and Aadhar card
  • Income documents depending on your income
  • 6 to 12 months bank statements
  • Property legal chain and ownership papers
  • Architect’s Map and construction estimate (for construction loan)
  • LOD letter, loan account statement, and foreclosure letter (for loan transfer)

Submit your details to get a personalized document checklist basis of your profile and loan requirement.

Up to 4 Lakhs tax benefit for home loan for village area

Tax benefits included with PSU and private housing finance company.

Central government gives 2.67 Lakhs PMAY subsidy to first time home buyer. You can get this subsidy subject to their terms and eligibility.

On floating interest home loans, banks charge zero foreclosure fee. Part payments charges are zero as well.

Private institutions

  • Login check up to 5900/-
  • Processing Fee up to 1.5% + GST
  • Stamp paper up to 2500/-
  • Map and estimate of construction ~3000/- (for construction loan)
  • Insurance and loan protector. As per age, loan amount and tenure. Funded in loan amount.

PSU Institutions

  • Login cheque up to 5900/-
  • Legal, Valuation and FI reports: Up to 7000/-
  • Processing Fee up to 0.75% + GST
  • Stamp paper up to 2500/-
  • Map and estimate of construction ~3000/- (for construction loan)
  • Insurance and loan protector. As per age, loan amount and tenure. Funded in loan amount

For home loan for Gram Panchayat, we take onetime nominal coordination charge. These charges on sanction of loan.

  • Private Institution: 2.5% of loan amount (Minimum 30000/-)
  • Government / PSU Institution: 5% of loan amount (Minimum 60000/-)

Remember—with us, you get the best deal on Gram Panchayat loan. A loan with our competitors cost twice as much. So, why pay extra?

We can arrange builder funding in Gram Panchayat / Village area basis of your profile and past projects. Tenure for builder finance is 24 to 36 months.

With our expert help, you can get a home loan for property with the following issues:

  • Double / triple or more flats on same floor up to third floor
  • Road / street width 8 feet or below
  • Bacha Flat / Stilt floor flat
  • Kadi Pathar / Stone Slab roof house

You can get a home loan for village area under different income schemes

  • Cash Salary
  • Without ITR, no income proof on business profile
  • ITR below actual income (income assessment scheme)
  • Cash Rent
  • Income outside country (NRI and PIO incomes)

With reasonable justification backed with proof, you can home loan with a low CIBIL score (credit score). Depending on the severity of issues, our coordination charges may vary.

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  • Nominal coordination charges payable after loan approval

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