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  • Loan up to 90% of value
  • Regularised colony rate of interest starts @8.40%
  • All sale deed started provisional approve colonies
  • Seller GPA to sale deed home loan
  • PMUDAY conveyance deed (require no previous documents)


In 2004, the Delhi government, through a notice, asked unauthorised colonies to apply for regularization. In response, they received 1797 applications for regularization. Out of these, 1432 colonies were based on private / public land, and 244 based on extended Lal Dora. Remaining colonies were in forest and ASI land.

After removing unqualified entries, the government considered 1639 colonies for regularization. Click this link to check the list with GPS locations. After scrutiny, Sheila Dixit government declared 895 colonies fit for regularization. Complete list of 895 colonies and GPS demarcations of these areas are available on Unauthorized Colony Cell page on Delhi Government website.

Colonies which were regularised in parts received over 1 certificate. Because of this, the Delhi government issued 1218 provisional registration certificates.

Out of 895, the Sheela Dixit government notified 312 colonies based on private land. Rest 583 colonies on government land were to be regularised with payment of fixed charges and penalty.

In October 2015, the Arvind Kejriwal government issued guidelines to executing agencies to take up development work in all unauthorised colonies. The benchmark was – over 50% built up area as on 1st January 2015. Very next day, they allotted development work for all 1639 colonies to various development agencies.

To maintain uniform development quality, on 10th March 2016, Delhi Government handed over all tasks to DSIIDC except where work had started prior to orders.

In 2019, MHUA issued unauthorized colonies’ regulation gazette. Through this, people living in these 1797 unauthorized colonies become entitled to ownership rights.

For title deed, the owners can apply for conveyances deed from DDA through PM-UDAY portal.

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FAQ Home Loan Regulrised, Provisional Approved, PM-UDAY Colonies

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Irrespective of colony type, you can get a home loan / loan against property with PM-UDAY conveyance deed.
At locations where PM-UDAY has yet not started, banks can not offer loans without ownership deed .

In most cases, it takes one to three months.

1. Loan against property
2. Home loan for purchase from conveyance deed holder
3. Construction loan to conveyance deed holder

First, except for 312 notified colonies, the status of remaining PM-UDAY locations is still unauthorised.
Second, areas under PM-UDAY are challenging because of its legal chain (DDA conveyance deed without allotment letter).
In the absence of DDA allotment, banks need a legal chain for at-least 13 years for legal report. In most cases, these legal documents are not available even in 312 notified colonies.

Because of legal and technical challenges, only a few institutions offer loans in these locations. Submit your details so we can offer a right solution based on your profile and requirement.

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