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Home Loan on without Map Property, Lal Dora & Unapproved Colony in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Ghaziabad

Congratulation! To improve your & your loved one’s life, You are about to buy a house. Your this amazing action will change your life forever. You deserve to live your bright & happy future years in home you desire. New home will bring extraordinary turnaround effect to your life to let you live your dream.


House you are buying may have technical issue, like Without Map, Lal Dora & Unapproved Area Property. We understand you have inquired with few banks & financial intuitions for home loan. Now you have learnt, getting loan on this house is getting more challenging than you though. You are realizing, it is very hard & difficult to get loan on such property. You are in need of this loan, to buy your dream home. If you don’t gets loan you may reconsider your decision of new home. Still you don’t have to compromise because you are about to discover easiest way to get loan on property you want to buy


We have created extremely informative & detailed resource to eliminate doubts. We suggest you to carefully read details about terms of loan on type of property you are about to buy. It will get you incredible benefits in learning facts and remove confusion for home loan on Without Map, Lal Dora & Unapproved Area Property.

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Home Loan in Lal Dora Property

We coordinates Home Loan in Lal Dora & Extended Lal Dora property in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida,Faridabad, Ghaziabad. Home loan can be taken for ready to move in house or flat. You can get home loan in Lal Dora up to third floor on single unit or multiple unit flats with or without income proof.


Terms of Home Loan on Lal Dora Property House, Flat & Plot  in Delhi / NCR


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Home Loan on without Map Property

To ensure safety of home loan given, checking “Built by law” is must for banks. Banks are very alert to check either property is built by housing authority or permission for construction is taken by individual / builder. This is crucial fact bank looks for while home loan.

If you want to get home loan on without map house or flat, it can be coordinated with bank / financial institution with common sense approach, that property is not having extra coverage out of plot limit. For upper floor’s flat being purchased on 1st, 2nd or 3rd floors, stairs are not outside plot area.

Home loan up to 3rd is offered from financial institutions. There is detailed technical reason linked on FAR (Floor to Area Ratio) for not offering home loan on 4th floor. In Delhi NCR Floor to area ratio varies between 120% – 350%. Click here to see, what are permissible FAR in Delhi.

Due to 350% FAR in Dehli, getting home loan on third floor is not easy. It means 3rd floor can be constructed subject to “Set Back Area” (Open Area) on ground, first and 2nd floor. Even if property may have sufficient Set Back Area on ground, first and 2nd floor but there is no guarantee, that owner of these floors will not construct in future. Time they construct on “Set back area”, third floor automatically unauthorized. Authorities can attach demolition notice on such 3rd / 4th floor construction.


If you are planing to buy plot and construct it for making your house on it, we can get you plot purchase loan  plus construction loan without approval map from leading PSU financial institutions

If you are buying a house or flat which does not have approved map, getting a home loan can be a big hassle  But we help you to get home loan on without Map Property up-to third floor through few banks & housing finance companies in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. You can get home loan for single unit, double unit, triple unit and other multiple unit flat in such approved and provisional approved areas

We gets you home loan from leading banks and non banking finance companies. We can get you loan from PSU institutions starting from 8.5%. From Private rate of interest can be 0.20% – 0.5% higher if you are salaried and up-to 1% higher if you are self-employed compared to best rate in mortgage market.

Lowest rate offering bank may give you loan as low as 8.5% (These rates are as of May 2017). it may be up to half percent up or down when you read it after some time). Problem is leading banks like SBI, ICICI, Citi banks etc. do not gives home loan on without map property.

Be assured when we goes looking for home loan for you, you gets guaranteed low rates possible and high benefits in long term. These rate majorly depends on your profile, loan amount & area in which you are buying a property.


Terms of Home Loan on Without Map Property In Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad & Ghaziabad


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Home loan in Unapproved Colony / Area

If you need Home loan in Unapproved Colony any where in DelhiGurgaonNoida,FaridabadGhaziabad then get in touch with us. We can get you home loan in Unapproved colony and unauthorized colony for built up house or flat.

You can also get in touch with us  for Home loan in Unapproved Colony for  Plot purchase and construction of home if plot you wish to purchase is marked and identifiable by plot number or mark-able boundary. 

Home loan in Unapproved Colony is also given on fresh plotting in agricultural land, we will coordinates your home loan for plot purchase and construction of home on plot purchased

Home Loan in Unapproved Area in Delhi NCR

Terms of Home Loan on Unauthorized / Unapproved Colony House, Flat & Plot In Delhi / NCR

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Without Income Proof Home Loan

We can get you Without Income proof home loan If you are salaried and you are getting your salary in cash. If you are self employed (business man or professional), not filing income tax return, we can still get Without Income proof home loan, subjected to verification of your income

Generally banks will not consider you for home loan as they can not verify your income. But we will coordinate home loan for you even if you are getting salary in cash or not filing income tax return

Apart from this we can coordinate Without Income proof home loan  for all kind of cash income, such as cab drivers, small shopkeepers, suppliers and other profession where no income proofs are available

Terms of Without Income Proof Home Loan In Delhi / NCR

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Why Choose Joy Loan?

We are really excited, that you stopped by our webpage to fulfill your desire of your dream home. If home you are buying has technical issue like Without Map, Lal Dora & Unapproved Area Property, then you are at absolutely right place for a home loan. 100s of customer has chosen us to assist them in their home loan in these types of properties.


We deals with many banks & non-banking finance companies for home loan on these property, we do complete analysis of your requirement & recommends you most economical rate of interest. On without map property rate of interest can be as low as 9.6%. In Lal Dora property home loan lowest rate lowest rate can be 12 – 12.5%. There are still few NBFC charging hefty rate of interest on such property, which goes as high as 18%. But we are concerned about you. We do good comparison of lowest rate of interest available on your profile and property from many financial institutions.


Important fact is home loan is done from RBI approved Bank, NBFC or housing finance companies.  So your home loan is eligible for tax rebate on interest and principal components of EMI .


We will give your complete & free details for home loan on Without Map, Lal Dora & Unapproved Area Property. You will find answer & learn facts about home loan in this type of property.


You can get quick approval of home loan & even Loan Against Property in following types of requirements.

  • Independent house / Flat in without map property
  • Lal dora land
  • Unapproved colony
  • Plot purchase in unapproved colonies & construction loan
  • Plot Purchase in  agricultural land or lal dora for purpose of making house


Yes to get home loan on without Map Property, Lal Dora & unapproved colony property we takes a one time fee as loan coordination charges. But this small fee ensures that you gets best home loan deal on these property types with lowest rate of interest. Be assured you will pay our coordination fee only after sanction of your loan. So you lose nothing when you submits your details with us.

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