Loan Against Farm House Property in Delhi NCR

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2016)

Loan Against Farm House Delhi

Loan Against Farm House Property in Delhi

You are running short of money Or you want to consolidate small loans from many banks. Loan against Farm House Property in Delhi can offer you incredible benefits over high interest business or personal loans which have short loan tenures. Due to comparatively lower rate & higher loan tenure there is huge difference in amount of loan you can get for your dream future

If you are looking for Trouble Free Loan against Farm House Property in Delhi, “Congratulations” YOU ARE AT RIGHT PLACE. Learn here how to improve your life with fantastic loan against Farm House property in Delhi. If you want to get loan against farm house property, being on this webpage will bring change in your life. Change you want to see in your financial and professional life

Quick Loan Against Farm House Property Approval in Delhi

Subject to availability of relevant documents Loan against farm house Property take 15-20 working days. Our distinguished services are there to get you fast, hassle free, trouble free sanction in remarkable less time.


What Property Qualifies as Farm House in Delhi

Mater Plan Delhi 2021 declares farm houses as green belt. In MPD 2021 minimum area for farm house in Delhi was 1 Hectare (2.47 Acres). With subsequent notifications for 70 villages, plots of 0.4 Hectare also qualifies in same category (Officially known as Low Density Residential Plots).

These low density residential plots has 15% permissible FAR. It means 600 square meters (6458 square feet) construction is allowed per 0.4 Hectare land (4000 square meters). Apart from this one EWS unit of 30 square meter is also allowed above this FAR.

In these low density residential plot 1 main dwelling unit with 1 EWS unit is allowed per Acre. If plot area is 0.5 Acre higher, then next additional Dwelling unit is allowed. If you have taken permission from authorities for running commercial activities as mentioned in notification, then too you can get loan against such farm house / low density residential plots

I have chosen to highlight following points from Mater Plan Delhi 2021 (Click To Download MPD 2021) and subsequent notifications for you to understand what properties qualifies as Farm House

Click For MPD 2021 Extracts

Mater Plan Delhi 2021 (Click To Download MPD 2021)


Click For More Notifications

DDA Notice on Farm Houses Dated 27 October 2012>> (Click To Download)



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What are Norms of Loan Against Farm House

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If you want to get a loan against farm house property / Low Density Residential Property as mentioned in subsequent notification it should fall under mentioned plot size and FAR norms. Apart from this  following are other requirements generally required by banks / financial institutions for giving loan against farm house

  • Physical marking by boundary walls
  • Approved from competent authority
  • Registered mortgage
  • Technical deviation on FAR is possible subject to approval
  • Loan is possible on liquid / undocumented income
  • Loan up to 55% value of property

Loan Against Farm House Property Lowest Rate of Interest Comparison

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Rate of interest on loan against farm house property can be as low as 12.5%. Not many banks / financial institutions offers loan against farm house property, but be assure we will bargain best rates of interest from all available financial institutions based on your profile and loan amount. As we deals with all major banks, we picks fascinating offers that gives you huge saving in your Loan against Farm House Property EMI. You can submit your details to get tremendously profitable rate of interest on farm house loan against property

Documents for Loan Against Farm House Property

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We will give you complete knowledge of documents required based on profile and property. On submitting your details, you will get comprehensive mail for Easy to understand loan documents against farm house property so you know what document is exactly required.

You gets doorstep service to fill form and collect documents from our field staff anywhere in NCR region at your convenient time. We will provide “Door Step Service” from comfort of your home or office”

We Are Here To Help

If you are tired not being able to catch opportunity, you have enough good reasons to submit your details right now. You want to unlock bright future, without spending much time and money? You have this precious opportunity to take expert advice & our proven profitable services.

Yes to get loan against farm house property we takes a onetime fee as loan coordination charges. But this small fee ensures that you gets loan deal on these property types with lowest rate of interest. Be assured you will pay our coordination fee only after sanction of your loan. So you lose nothing when you submits your details with us

If you want to take competitive edge of an experienced, and professional partner your immediate response is require.   submit your details immediately. If your take action now your promptness will take you to soaring future. So stop wasting time rush your details quickly. We will call you back in shortest time possible.

You have already given so much of your precious time. If you don’t submits your details, you will lose all the benefits you have learnt so far.

Remember! With our competitor, your loan against farm house property will cost twice or more. But we gets your most affordable & unbeatable rate of interest and PF offers. Wonderful & unbelievable offers that are sure to save you huge money. Now is the time, don’t delay any more. Submit your details immediately .

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