You runs an Educational Institute under Trust or Society. You require loan for betterment of your institute. You may need loan for extension, renovation, construction of institute. May be you need loan to update equipment, systems or other operational expenses. You are facing tough time, as not all banks & financial institutions do loan for educational institutes running under Trust and Society. Those offering loan for educational institutes are not flexible as per your requirement. You are not getting desired loan amount, loan tenure or rate of interest from your existing banker.

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I will clarify facts, you need to know about raising a loan for your educational institute. First point here is there are no business loans for educational institutes under Trust and Society. It is due to nature of composition of Trust and Society bank need to get some security against loan. It should be marketable mortgage / property against you loan. Being specific we are talking about loan against property for educational institutes under trust / society / company.

With RBI Master Circular dated July 1, 2011 (Click Here to See) loans granted to educational institutions are classified as priority sector advances. All commercial banks were advised to achieve the target of priority sector lending at 40 per cent of aggregate bank advances.

This means any educational institution, either registered as a trust or society or a not-for-profit Section 25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956, would get loans from any bank if it qualifies under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act.

Priority sector includes agriculture, SME & Housing. While the sub-target for agriculture is 18 per cent, there is no sub-target for educational institutes, housing and small-scale industry.

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Which Educational Institutes /Trust / Society can get loan?

  • Education Institutes under Trusts/Society/Companies with regular source of income.
  • Education Institutes under Trusts/Society/Companies with proven good record.
  • Trust / Society / Corporate Bodies promoted by experienced persons in the relative field
  • Minimum 3 years in existence, unless promoters previous experience and other institution’s guarantee in same field
  • Necessary permission / recognition /affiliation from competent authorities like Board/ University/AICTE / state education board / Central education board etc.
  • Schools, Colleges, Vocational Institutes, Polytechnics, Professional Institutions & Research and Development Institutions

For What Purpose LAP For Educational Institutes is available

  • Construction, Renovation extension of School/College Buildings.
  • Purchase of Land & Building for School/Colleges
  • Vehicles, Furniture and Equipment, software purchases
  • Any sort of operational / incidental expense

What are Terms of loan LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

Broadly all banks and financial institutions has same terms for loan to educational institutes. Only under special circumstances, banks / financial institutions gives reasonably deviation in their terms. Look below for general terms

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Security For LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

  • Equitable / Registered Mortgage of immovable property owned by educational institute.
  • Additional security if required
  • Loan up to 60% – 65% loan on value of security
  • Personal Guarantee of Promoters / Trustees (Trust)/ Principal Society Members like Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (Society).

Repayment of LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

  • Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly installments (Linked to fee receipt)
  • Structured repayment linked to fee collection cycle / trend
  • Repayment from fee collection account along with ESCROW
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How Much Loan I Can Get For Educational Institutes under Trust / Society

Amount of loan depends on repayment capacity and property value and other liabilities. Depending on your income as annual cash receipts, we can get you LAP up to 200 Crores.

If your income support higher loan amount, but mortgage value of property is less, you can provide other property as additional security to support loan amount you need

What Is Rate of Interest on LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

Rate of interest on LAP For Educational Institutes can be as low as 12%. When you choose us for your LAP For Educational Institutes, we take care of choosing top loan offers, always getting better rates from leading banks. You will get top offers from top name in mortgage industry. You will get deals better than anywhere else. You gets complete knowledge of current rates, customized offers especially for you.

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Which Banks Gives LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

No all but few banks & financial institutions offers LAP For Educational Institutes. All you have to do is submit your details right now. Be assured we will get you best loan deal from entire mortgage market based on profile of your institutions.

How to Get LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society

You want to expend your educational institution? If your institutions is within radius of 600 Kilometers Delhi e.g Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pardesh, Uttarakhand, Madhaya Pardesh or Himachal Pardesh then we can help you do this. You have this precious opportunity to take expert advice & our proven profitable services. submit your details right now to get best deal on LAP For Educational Institutes Under Trust / Society .

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