Loan for Construction / Expansion of Hospital

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2018)

Loan for Construction Expansion of Hospital

Loan for Construction / Expansion of Hospital

You want to expand or modernize your hospital to provide better healthcare to patients. To scale up operation, you may invest in construction of new building or expansion of existing. You may have to purchase new equipment, machinery etc. You may need money for many intangible catalyst like software or R&D which many financial institutions are not comfortable with.

You want adequate capital to meet your aspiration. You may require longer loan period to stabilize operation of your venture. We can help you bridge the gap with right loan for hospital.


Can I Get Loan for Hospital / Nursing Home

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You are looking for expansion of your medical / pathological or diagnostic services to society. To get loan for hospital / nursing home following are eligibility criteria

  • Qualified Medical Practitioner, Hospitals, Nursing Home, Diagnostic Center
  • Individuals / Proprietorship / Partnership / Trust / Society / Limited or Private Limited Company / Corporate business type
  • Qualified Applicants / Promoters in respective branch of medical science
  • Trusts (with power to borrow) with at least one trustee as Registered Medical Practitioner


For What Purpose Loan for Hospital Is Available

For What Purpose Loan for Hospital Is Available

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  • Purchase/construction of new premises
  • Expansion / renovation / modernization of existing premises
  • Purchase of medical equipment like operation theater equipment, software for diagnosis
  • Purchase of X-ray, Pathological Laboratory and Physiotherapy center equipment
  • Purchase of office equipment, like air conditioners, office furniture, generators, computers, data software
  • Purchase of vehicles, ambulance, computer etc.
  • Working Capital requirement including stock of medicine /disposables
  • Balance Transfers of existing term loan or working capital


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What Are Terms on Loan for Hospital

Banks / Financial institutions offer loan up to 60% on security value. Not all banks and financial institutions offers loan for hospital. Those extending loan to hospital, broadly has same terms for loan hospital / nursing home. Only under special circumstances, banks / financial institutions gives reasonably deviation in their terms. Read below for general terms

Security for Loan for Hospital

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  • Equitable mortgage of Land & Building/premises of Nursing Home/Hospital
  • Additional security if higher loan amount
  • hypothecation of medical equipment / office equipment purchased through loan
  • Personal guarantee of Promoter / Directors / Trustees

Repayment for Loan on Hospital

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You can repay loan EMI through ECS clearing from your account. Maximum repayment period is generally 84 months. Based on your profile and purpose of finance higher loan period can be coordinated from financial institutions. If you are taking loan for construction of new hospital, then we can negotiate moratorium of certain period from lender.


What is Rate of Interest for Loan on Hospital

Rate of interest on loan for hospital can be as low as 12%. When you choose us for your loan for hospital, we take care of choosing top loan offers, always getting better rates from top name in financial industry. You will get deals better than anywhere else.

When you choose us we guarantee tremendous profit generating options like no other. We will get your loan for hospital at fraction of cost you will spend anywhere else.

With us you gets best rates of interest and lowest processing fee offers. With our competitors, your loan for hospital will cost twice or more. But we gets you most affordable & unbeatable rate of interest and Processing Fee discount. Wonderful & unbelievable offers that can’t be matched by our competitors. Now is the time, don’t delay anymore. Submit your details immediately.


Which Bank Gives Loan for Hospital

No all but few banks & financial institutions offers loan for hospital. All you have to do is submit your details. Be assured we will get you best loan deal from entire financial market based on profile of your institutions.


What is Rate of Interest for Loan on Hospital

How to Get Loan for Hospital

Do you want to expend your health care services to society? If your hospital / nursing home is within radius of 200 Kilometers Delhi, then we can help you. You have this precious opportunity to take expert advice & our proven profitable services. submit your details right now to get best deal on loan for hospital.

For loan for hospital we charge onetime fee as loan coordination charges after approval of your loan. This small fee ensures that you gets best deal on your loan. Be assured, you will pay our coordination fee only after sanction of your loan. So you lose nothing when you submit your details with us

If you want to take competitive edge of an experienced and professional partner your immediate response is required. Take action now your promptness will take your hospital to soaring future. Stop wasting time, rush your details quickly. We will call you back in shortest time possible.

You have already given so much of your precious time. If you don’t submits your details, you will lose all the benefits you have learnt so far.

Remember! With our competitor, your loan for hospital will cost twice or more. But we gets your most affordable & unbeatable rate of interest and Processing Fee offers. Wonderful & unbelievable offers that are sure to save you huge money. Now is the time, don’t delay any more. Submit your details immediately .


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