Who’s Advice to Trust for Buying House / Home?

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2018)

Who’s Advice to Trust for Buying House / Home?


Shall I Take Friends / Relatives Advice For Buying House / Home


Despite all of the technology available to buyers these days, search for their dream home still takes time and careful research — regardless of whether they’re a first-time home buyer or a veteran who’s purchased multiple residences over the years.

Buying a home involves huge money, yet, it is not pure financial decision. It is both about your need and wants. It is about when you need, what you want and where you want.

As you search home, you come across many views about future prospect of area in which you plan to buy. “Real Estate Experts” have different view about, transport connectivity, water and power situation, security, shopping destinations for same area. If you plan to live there temporarily then price appreciation can also be your priority. You may be an investor, buying to get some appreciation.

As you talk with many real estate consultant, making your mind becomes difficult. Many real estate agents give honest advice, few gets biased. In such a time you can’t know whose advice to trust for buying house / home.


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Shall I Take Friends / Relatives Advice For Buying House / Home?

Many people don’t want to discuss home buying with their friends and relatives. They think if their deal fail, or for any reason they can’t buy, their prestige will reduce in eyes of friends and relatives.

This is wrong fear in mind. Do you think everyone who planned to buy property, ended up buying it? No!

In percentage, people who finally bought is very less. Your friends and relatives who tried to buy house / home, gained experience from their successful or failed attempts. Those who never tried, also know lot about area in which they lives.

If you don’t talk to them, you loses opportunity to get right advice from many close people. They can advise you for general property rates in area, so when you start your search you also make it a point to keep low priced area in your list. Those who made purchase, can advise you negotiation tips. They are well versed about specific area and local problems. They can even suggest you their contact who want to sell in that area.

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